Is another Lucifer season 3 hiatus on the way soon?

Lucifer season 3 cast photo

Even though Lucifer season 3 is returning to Fox with new episodes on Monday, January 1, most indications right now seem to suggest that it’s not staying around for very long.

According to a report from the Futon Critic, at the conclusion of the January 1 installment of Lucifer there is not going to be another episode on the air between then and Monday, January 22. What is the reasoning for that? A part of it could be avoiding college football on January 8 (that’s when the National Championship Game will be broadcast), whereas on January 15 The Gifted is taking over to air its two-hour season finale. This is just the way in which the schedule panned out for Fox this year.

One of the reasons why this current Lucifer season 3 hiatus is especially hard stems from the simple fact that we’re coming off of one of the biggest cliffhangers in show history. It just so turns out that Marcus Pierce is not who he claimed to be; he’s actually Cain, a Biblical murder incapable of dying no matter how hard he tries. For a little while it’s possible that he and Lucifer could work together with a common goal; by the end of the season, though, it doesn’t feel all that likely we’re going to see the show hold firm to that. These two feel like they were meant to be at odds at one point.

Unfortunately, the January 1 episode is not going to feature any direct continuation of the Lucifer – Marcus Pierce storyline; instead, the main focus is going to be on flashing back to when Lucifer first arrived in Los Angeles. This episode, entitled “City of Angels?”, is the last of the season 2 episodes that were shelved and saved for the third season. Think of this as a bridge episode, a standalone hour designed for the purpose of getting you from point A to point B.

What do you think — is a Lucifer season 3 hiatus this early in the year going to bum you out, especially now that you know the truth about Marcus Pierce? Share in the comments!

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