Top Chef: Last Chance Kitchen episode 4: Two eliminated chefs join in

Top Chef -On Top Chef: Last Chance Kitchen episode 4, there was a chance for redemption to come from a number of different fronts. For one, you had Laura Cole trying to prove that her elimination during the Sudden Death Quickfire was just the result of a fluke. Meanwhile, we saw during the Elimination Challenge Rogelio Gracia struggle with the very conception of his food-truck dish.

What this latest episode offered was a chance to see both of these chefs face off against the three remaining contestants — Lee Ann Wong, Kwame Onwuachi, and Claudette Zepeda-Wilkins — in what proved to be a pretty epic culinary battle. The five contestants each had to grab a basket of strange ingredients and find a way to make some of these dishes work. This was one of the more difficult ones of the entire season since it required so many big risks.

What seemed to be fun about this challenge was that almost all of the chefs really embraced this challenge — the newbies to Last Chance Kitchen were eager to prove that they were worthy competitors. The best part of it was seeing Rogelio Garcia try to fry sour candy. We don’t know what inspired that but we give him credit for the guts.

The results – It was pretty darn impressive seeing all of the chefs come up with some interesting ideas. Kwane went to his Nigerian roots, while Claudette went with a very elaborate raspberry mole. Given that Laura is from Alaska it must have been nice to work with some local halibut.

Tom seemed to like almost everyone and Claudette ended up winning the second straight week! Being in Top Chef: Last Chance Kitchen has really brought out the best in her.

As for who went home this episode, it was the same pair of chefs who entered tonight. Laura and Rogelio both tried really hard at this, but they were up against three really good chefs. Rogelio should’ve stopped before throwing those gummies into the fryer; as for Laura, her issue was a simple lack of season around a really great halibut.

We enjoyed seeing so much creativity in this episode! Yet, we’ll be the first to admit that five contestants for Last Chance Kitchen was a little too many.

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