Top Chef: Colorado episode 3 review: An epic food truck battle

Top Chef: Colorado episode 3Top Chef: Colorado episode 3 was a test of local cuisine — and also of chefs trying to handle a lot of extreme stress.

Let’s just say that, in a way, the majority of the stress came from seeing Laura Cole eliminated during the Sudden Death Quickfire in the early going. She seemed to be a really good chef who was just having a rough day missing her son. Because of how fast the quickfires are, she didn’t really have all that much time in order to recover.

You can read more about the Sudden Death Quickfire elimination here — for now, CarterMatt is ready to dive into the Elimination Challenge given that there was a lot to dive into here. The chefs were sent off to elevate food-truck cuisine for some Colorado college students. We feel like a lot of people make fun of food trucks, but this is serious stuff — it’s not a concession stand, people!

There were four teams who took part in the challenge tonight — here’s our quick take on them and the judges’ feedback.

Yellow Team – Tyler made a very-tasty soup (soup in a food truck?), while Joe ended up diving into wings in a way that got everyone excited. Fatima topped that off with a pretty tasty waffle. They didn’t have anything to worry about.

Blue Team – Adrienne went with a chopped cheese sandwich, which is the sort of thing that apparently she loves. Apparently, Chris put too much batter on his fish and Tom didn’t love everything that Tu brought to the table. The idea here was for everybody to create some sort of sandwich concept, but they all used the same bread and that made all of the dishes blended together.

Black Team – Carrie made a burger that really seemed to blow the judges away, while both Joe and Tanya also made everyone happy. This team received some rave reviews from the judges and were very clearly safe.

Green Team – Even though Brother Luck had immunity, he still wanted to do everything that he could in order to help out Bruce and Rogelio. Rogelio struggled in the Quickfire and did so again here with a wilted salad; meanwhile, Bruce struggled to handle problems with the oven and his sandwich was overly fatty and imbalanced.

Also, Logan Paul was a guest judge during the challenge and we learned one thing about him: He loved waffles. Also, apparently he’s the Pied Piper of college students. He’s probably the only person there with the metabolism to work off all of that food-truck grub.

The final decision

It seemed to be between Chris (who seemed to irk Tom when he said that his team used the same bread to “streamline” the process) and Rogelio — and with that, it felt like Rogelio’s time. This was the first time we’d seen Chris struggle.

Chris was spared mostly by the Green Team as a whole being worse. With that, it was obvious that Rogelio was going to be heading home. We feel for him, but not as much as Laura. He had a little more time to correct this salad but didn’t.

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