The Blacklist season 5 promo: Will Liz Keen avenge Tom’s death?

The Blacklist logo any seasonRemember at the start of The Blacklist season 5 when things were fairly light and rather funny as we watched Reddington rebuild his empire with Liz by his side? Well, the tone of the NBC show seems to be shifting once again with much of the onus now being placed on a single question: Will Liz Keen avenge Tom’s death? Is she going to find a way to get back some of what she lost?

At the end of the first half of the season Liz’s husband Tom was murdered, and for a while during the next half of the season she may be looking to escape some of those dark thoughts — that’s at least what Red seems to be suggesting in one of his trademark narrations. However, by the conclusion of preview it feels almost set in stone that this is a very different iteration of Liz than what we’ve for much of the series. Sure, we know that she is someone with the capacity for violence (she’s certainly killed before), but this is different: She wants revenge and will do almost anything that she can in order to get it. It also seems as though nothing will stand in her way.

For those of you who’ve been looking forward to seeing more of a genuine partnership between Reddington and Liz, you’re probably going to love what’s coming up. She seems motivated in the sort of way Reddington appreciates and not so much the sort of way the FBI does. They may understand how she feels but they also know that the entire bureau can’t just run amok and do anything they want to ensure that she gets the justice that she wants. That sort of logic has already gotten them into some pickles before and they don’t want to be there again. Remember that we’re not all that far removed from Julian Gale, who did his best to investigate the ties between the Task Force and Reddington.

For Megan Boone in particular this upcoming storyline has to be a winner — this is going to be some of the most aggressive material that she’s had to date. It’s hard to imagine that Liz is even the same person that she was at the start of the series.

(Photo: NBC.)

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