The Blacklist season 5: What happened to Aram during Liz’s coma?

The Blacklist logo any seasonCarterMatt has done a few features here at the site focusing on character development for The Blacklist season 5 during the ten months Liz was in a coma. Where are some of these characters in their lives once she wakes up? We’ve already focused on Reddington, but today we want to talk about Aram and his progress during that time.

When we last saw Aram he was talking to Cooper about wanting training as a field agent. This idea came about after he saw just how much danger Samar puts herself in when she’s in the field. He may have a somewhat better understanding of her job now, but the situation he was in made him want to be more prepared for these types of situations. He’s ready to move out from behind the computer and start chasing down bad guys in a brand new way.

10 months later we are hoping to see Aram deep into his training and getting ready for more field work. We don’t know exactly how long it’s going to take for Liz to get back to her job (with rehabilitation) after being in a coma, so having Aram taking on a few missions is something we would love to see. There’s something fun about watching brand new agents learning their strengths and seeing some of their fumbles. We expect there to be a few fumbles since Aram is naturally a bit of a nervous man, but it will be interesting to see how much confidence the FBI training instills in him.

As for his relationship with Samar, we don’t expect them to be engaged or planning a wedding at this point, but we would like to see some progression with them. Move them past the honeymoon stage and have Aram be a lot more comfortable as a partner in the relationship. What we don’t want to see is an unexplained break up when the series returns – we barely had a chance to see this romance play out.

What do you want to see from Aram when The Blacklist returns next year? Leave us your thoughts in the box below. You won’t be getting new episodes of The Blacklist until January 3, but the holiday hiatus isn’t going to stop us from bringing you more scoop so stay tuned!

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