Floribama Shore episode 6 review: It’s Aimee Hall appreciation day!

Floribama Shore

When we last saw our crew from the Floribama Shore there was some drama brewing between Aimee, Codi and Kirk in the cab ride home. It all started out in a joking manner about hooking up with housemates, but when Aimee said that she wasn’t attracted to Codi or Kirk (or anyone in the house for that matter), they took it to another level with Kirk saying that if she was the last woman on earth he still wouldn’t be with her.

This week’s episode threw us right back into this fight. With Aimee out of the room, Kirk and Codi are still going on about how much they don’t want to sleep with Aimee. We understand that Aimee was first to say that she didn’t want to be with either of them and that no one wants to hear that, but the way she said it didn’t come across as hurtful. She made it clear that she loves them as brothers and respects them as people but that she’s just not attracted to them. We suspect that Kirk and Cody were trying to say the same thing, it just came across a lot harsher and the after effects of that conversation were still being felt by Aimee the next day.

This clearly struck a nerve with Aimee and is hitting some really deep rooted hurt she still feels over what happened with her ex-boyfriend. It’s really playing on some of her insecurities and while she comes across on the show as this woman who has tremendous strength, it’s clear that it’s a mask for some pretty serious hurt inside. Kirk and Codi know what’s she’s been through and likely know that she hasn’t been able to move forward, but when alcohol is involved sometimes people think what they are saying is coming across a different way. We don’t think that Codi and Kirk ever want to hurt Aimee, so we were happy to see Aimee talk to Kirk about it and work it out.

As for Codi, at first he doesn’t understand why Aimee is upset because he says he would take her to bed in a second. He’s been really wishy-washy with this since the conversation in the cab started with him saying that wanted to take Aimee to bed, then at the house saying that she’s not someone he would ever want to be with – now in the light of day (and in confessionals) Codi is once again saying that if he had a chance to be with Aimee he would take it in a heartbeat.

After everything that happened, Nilsa gets the whole house together (minus Aimee) to plan a Aimee appreciation day where they all show her that they all love her. They start the day by making her a really nice pancake breakfast, then the girls take her out to get her nails done while the boys go out and get her a corsage, and then top off the day by the whole house taking her out for dinner. The Aimee appreciation day worked it’s magic and she feels just like the Queen she is.

As far as the Nilsa and Jeremiah romance goes, that seems to be completely done now. Nilsa really likes Josh and if you thought that this might be a one time thing between them you’d be wrong. After leaving the house, Josh called Nilsa saying that he missed her and wants to take her out for dinner. When Nilsa brings some of her girlfriends to the house, she even suggested to one of them (Katrina) that Jeremiah would be a good fit for her (even though Kirk and Gus all want Katrina as well).

When they go to a club, the rest of the house starts making friendly bets on who they think Katrina is going to end up with – Gus or Jeremiah. When Nilsa hears this information, it seems that she’s heard it wrong thinking that Gus and Jeremiah are making bets on who is going to land Katrina (which isn’t what’s happening). As expected, this information kicks Katrina right in the heart since she was having a really fun time and thought that the two guys genuinely liked her (which they do) and weren’t just trying to sleep with her on a bet (which they aren’t). Both Jeremiah and Gus are completely confused as to what is happening and it just goes to show that broken telephone can ruin a good night for no reason. Now Jeremiah thinks that Gus started the bet rumor to torpedo his chances with Katrina, Nilsa is confronting Codi about the bet (to which he tries again to explain what he actually meant) and Katrina is crying at the bar.

The CarterMatt verdict

As much as we’ve enjoyed all the drama and fighting that this show brings us, this was easily our favorite episode so far. It featured Aimee Hall, who we really like, so that was a good start (the more Aimee screen time we get the better). It also brought the house together in a really positive way and it’s not something we really expected to see on this show. Kudos to MTV for surprising us in a really nice way.

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