Scorpion season 4 episode 12 review: It’s a Walter O’Brien life

Scorpion season 4 episode 12

Scorpion season 4 episode 12 managed to do a couple of different, interesting things. Not only was this the holiday episode, but this was a fun alternate-universe episode with echoes of the classic holiday movie It’s a Wonderful Life.

The basic story of the show can be described this way: Walter got into a car accident while deciding that he wanted to take a job rather than spend Christmas with his friend. As a result of that, he went unconscious and started to pretend he was in an alternate world where Team Scorpion did not know each other … and a version of himself was stuck inside said car slowly dying. He had to get everyone together in order to make sure that he could save himself with the power of teamwork. This was a bizarre but fun story put together by episode director LeVar Burton, someone who knows all about bizarre and fun things thanks to Star Trek: The Next Generation.

The real entertainment value of this episode came in seeing what some of the alternate-universe versions of these characters were like. Sylvester was billionaire toolbox who cared mostly about extreme sports. Meanwhile, Happy was the host of a radio show about mechanics, Toby was a motivational speaker who was secretly dead on the inside, and Paige was running a chain of successful restaurants while her son continued to struggle without someone to understand him. Cabe, meanwhile, was in the police and hardened as he was back in the pilot.

Eventually, Walter managed to round up everyone and get them to work together on saving him, but not without a lot of bickering along the way. We were meant to interpret this as Walter fighting to keep himself alive in the real world while we waited for the ambulance to arrive.

Did he survive?

Of course he did! On the other side of unconscious spell he was able to thank the team and tell them just how much he missed and needed all of them. There was a nice message at the end of the hour, one that definitely felt true to the spirit of Christmas

CarterMatt Verdict

While Scorpion season 4 episode 12 didn’t do a whole lot to advance the linear story forward, it didn’t need to since most of this was very entertaining. We saw different sides to mane of the characters and, beyond that, we did have a small cliffhanger when it comes to Florence showing up at the hospital and reminding Walter of when the two of them were married. What’s going on there? It’s the one part of the dream that he didn’t share with anyone.

What did you think about Scorpion season 4 episode 12 overall?

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