Where is Bobbi Morse on Agents of SHIELD season 5? Nick Blood’s humorous explanation

Nick Blood returningWhere is Bobbi Morse on Agents of SHIELD season 5? When you watch Friday night’s new episode you may find yourself asking that question. Nick Blood will be appearing in the episode for the first time in quite a while as Lance Hunter; unfortunately, he will be missing his ex-wife played by Adrianne Palicki.

It’s not all that hard to figure out why Palicki is missing in action on the episode, given that she’s a series regular on another show in The Orville and she can only do so many different things at one time. (Luckily, we do still know she is open to coming back in the future.) Given that Agents of SHIELD is not some super-meta show, though, they are going to have to cultivate some sort of reasonable explanation as to where Bobbi has gone within the context of the show.

With this in mind, Blood (humorously) offered up his take on the subject in a new interview with TVLine promoting the upcoming episode of the show:

“What I would say is they probably and a tiff a few days before … and this time apart is allowing her to cool off. Now they each have a little bit of time and space to think until the situation calms down. That’s what I imagine.”

Blood did add that it would’ve been nice to be able to work with Palicki again and they make a good do. We’re also sure that the show will offer up some sort of actual update as to where Bobbi is when it airs, even if it’s just some throwaway line about her off on another mission. Lance Hunter could be essential to this particular story, mostly because of Leo Fitz being stranded in the present while so many other team members are off in the future. He’ll have a specific mission that requires a little bit of help. We’re more than happy to see that in order to execute this said mission Hunter is going to be recruiting an old friend.

This episode of Agents of SHIELD season 5 is a pretty essential one — after all, this marks the last episode of the year, so it needs to be entertaining and engaging enough to make the hiatus blow by in almost no time at all.

What do you want to see with Lance Hunter on Agents of SHIELD Friday night, and do you think that you will miss Bobbi Morse? Share in the comments!

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