Good Behavior season 2 finale review: Cleanup duty

Good Behavior season 2 finaleThe Good Behavior season 2 finale aired on TNT Sunday night and the show took an interesting approach — rather than offering up some dramatic cliffhanger at the end of the episode, we instead got what feels like a reset for whatever the third season could be.

Let’s go back for a moment to the end of last episode where Letty killed Teo and also the repairman — it was the first time she killed. Tonight, the Good Behavior writers did an outstanding job of relaying some of what that struggle was for Letty getting to the other side of her grief. She seemed to have very little over killing Teo; in the case of the repairman (who she originally nicknamed “Brett” in her head), it was a different story. She pictured him speaking to her from beyond the grave, explaining who he was and how terrible it was that she killed him. This was a brilliant performance by Brian Baumgartner, who brought many different iterations to this character — and even played him with an Irish accent once Letty learned his real name.

For Letty, she had to find a way to tune out some of her inner demons — and this inner voice in her head — to best ensure that she had a future. She and Javier had to take the repair truck out to the middle of nowhere only to burn it down alongside the dead bodies. Then, they had to get started on whatever the next phase of their lives was going to be. There were several close calls that they had with the police along the way, including at a storage unit at the end where a cop had a very natural question: Why were Letty and Javier picking something up at 3:00 a.m., especially when there was a crime scene two units down that they didn’t seem to be concerned with? (For the record, that was a previous Javier kill stored away there). Javier was still able to get the cocaine out of the unit (which previously belonged to Teo), and their plan is now clear: Find a way to sell it and profit enough to fuel their next adventure.

At the end of the episode, we learned precisely where this next adventure would take place: Los Angeles! The City of Angels is the setting of the photo above and presumably next season provided that there is one.

CarterMatt Verdict

The Good Behavior season 2 finale showed itself to be a great representation of the show we love, even if it was a little smaller in scope than we first imagined going in. You had a great Rhonda cameo (she picked up Letty and Javier with Christian after they burned the bodies, and we learned that she no longer was with the FBI), and you also had a compelling argument as to where the show could go next.

The one thing that we wish was that Jacob had more of a presence in the finale, even if we’re being somewhat hypocritical with that given that it’s not entirely clear how he would turn up. Remember that a crime scene was hardly the sort of place you would want to see him. That’s one subject Good Behavior can explore more in season 3.

What did you think about the Good Behavior season 2 finale as a whole? Do you think that the stage is set for a great season 3? Share in the comments!

As for season 3…

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