The Blacklist season 5: Will Liz learn about the suitcase?

The Blacklist logo any seasonThe Blacklist season 5 will be returning to NBC in January, and given Tom Keen’s recent mission there’s a big question: Will Liz learn about the suitcase? The identity of the bones is what Tom was fighting to give Liz leading up to his death. How that reenters the picture is a major mystery moving forward given that seemingly, most of Reddington’s secrets died with Tom. It didn’t seem like he had any time at all to go and jot dot everything that he had a chance to learn.

Yet, this is The Blacklist. You don’t want to assume anything. More information regarding the suitcase could come back in an interesting / surprising way. We’re just happy to know that, eventually, the subject is going to become a part of the conversation again.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly in a new interview, executive producer John Eisendrath had the following to say:

“She will learn some truths … Obviously she’ll learn about the suitcase. The most important thing she’ll learn at some point is that Tom died trying to unpack a secret of Red’s. Right there, that is a huge fact that is like an emotional bomb. Once she learns that, Red is going to have some explaining to do.”

Will Liz be able to forgive Reddington for whatever that secret was? Remember that this secret was so important to the character that he was willing to do anything to keep it buried. It was also so important to him that it made his paternity seem like nothing in comparison. Whenever the truth comes out, it’s probably going to be one of the most exciting moments in the show’s history. While we’ve certainty seen Reddington on the ropes before but we’re not sure we’ve ever seen him on the defensive like he’d be if Liz finds out about it. For the sake of great Megan Boone – James Spader performances, we definitely want this to happen.

As someone who’s seen the show’s January 3 return, let’s just say that it is one you’re absolutely going to watch live — some of the comparisons to “Cape May” are indeed apt.

(Photo: NBC.)

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