Scorpion season 4 episode 11 review: Was Cabe found guilty?

Scorpion season 4 episode 11

There were two questions at the heart of Scorpion season 4 episode 11 and as the hour progressed, we found the two of them equally important.

First and foremost, we have Cabe’s trial — which, for the majority of the hour, did not go altogether well. Sylvester did everything in his power in order to ensure that he got his friend off on the charges of helping Collins escape, but the judge presiding over the trial (one Scorpion did not plan for) proved to be not altogether interested. He didn’t buy into Cabe’s record, his heroism, or really anything other than the matter at hand.

The more the trial went on, the more it was clear that the team needed a Hail Mary — or, as Sylvester called it, a Hail Margaret. He eventually found it in the form of an old legal case that supposedly gave Cabe authority to act in the way that he best saw fit.

There were moving scenes aplenty as we got near the verdict, with the most notable one being Cabe telling Sylvester that he did a good job. As it turns out, Sylvester did a really good job! The judge agreed that the law Sylvester cited was enough to ensure that he get off with a not guilty verdict. Cabe was free! Yet, Toby and Florence got themselves arrested in the midst of the chaos that unfolded tonight.

More on that chaos…

As for the second part of the episode, we turn to the case of a trapped dog — this was surprisingly low-stakes mission for the show, and ironically, we loved it more than almost every other this season. Sometimes, all you need is a deeply personal case in order to get you invested … and everyone loves dogs. How the team solved it was fairly familiar — putting all hands on deck and coming up with unique solutions. What made this story all the more interesting was how the team got some help tonight from an unlikely source: Clarence, the Homeland Security officer who was actually sent over in order to make sure the team wasn’t screwing up all the time. Scorpion ditched Clarence in order to save the dog, he watched them break numerous laws, and yet by the end of the episode he was fighting alongside them to ensure little Monty was safe.

It’s the power of Team Scorpion — they win you over, really regardless of whatever sort of shenanigans that they get themselves into. Florence actually sacrificed her freedom alongside Toby to help with both cases, but she ended up getting off without any jail time. Same for Toby.

CarterMatt Verdict

A powerful, moving, and overall fantastic episode of Scorpion. Easily the best of the season. Every aspect of it worked, and above all Cabe is now able to work alongside the rest of the team again.

Also, we’re so glad the dog is safe.

What’s coming on Scorpion season 4 episode 12?

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