Ink Master: Angels finale preview: Meet Tony Deville, Tony Scientific, Ria Rabbit

Ink Master: AngelsThe Ink Master: Angels finale is airing on Spike Tuesday night, and there is so irony in that it feels a little bit more like the premiere, based on the new sneak peek below. Gia Rose is back all of a sudden! Not only that, but there are slightly different rules and a looser format than what we’ve seen in the remainder of the season 1 episodes. You see more of the Angels and you actually travel out to all of the individual shops rather than just having the three artists all turn up at the same location.

Basically, this feels like the original pilot episode that is being aired out of order. The final objective is still the same — the winner could get a spot on Ink Master season 10 — so the rest is just window dressing.

Here are the three artists who are taking part in the episode, which is set in Baltimore, Maryland.

Tony Deville – He’s the first guy you meet in the episode, and he also happens to own the shop that serves as the first challenge’s primary setting. His shop is family-owned and operated and he’s been doing it for a long time. He’s seasoned, but as we have seen all season long being seasoned doesn’t always equate with being the best overall artist.

Tony Scientific – He’s another super-accomplished artist who has been doing this a long time. Basically, he’s one of those guys who really should’ve just been on Ink Master proper but hasn’t yet. He and Deville have an interesting history in that Scientific worked briefly at Deville’s shop, but left after just a week. He seems eager to get back there and enact a little bit of revenge.

Ria Rabbit – She specializes in doing a lot of bright colors with bold lines … and she also loves to have rabbit ears. Clearly, that’s a part of her personality. She also just so happens to have a history working with Scientific, as he is her former mentor!

Basically, this is one of the most interesting groupings that we’ve seen all season — there are connections between the artists, and they’ve all been doing this for a while. They have more time for their first tattoo than we’ve seen all season; with that, we expect some of the best tattoos we’ve seen at this stage all season.

Who are you rooting for on Ink Master: Angels Tuesday night?

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