Blue Bloods season 8 episode 10 video: The Jamie Reagan move

Blue Bloods season 8

Moving into Blue Bloods season 8 episode 10 on CBS Friday night, we’re starting to wonder if someone out there should patent the Jamie Reagan move. Here’s the best way to describe it: The moment someone says something that is in moderate agreement with you, you automatically assume that means tht they are going to go along with your plan. Then, you dip out of the room before they can object and do anything else.

This move is hilarious, and in the sneak peek below for Friday night’s episode you can clearly see it working to Jamie’s benefit. On Blue Bloods season 8 episode 10 Will Estes’ character is working hard in order to help a man who becomes a hero after saving someone from a hostage crisis. Unfortunately, it turns out that there are also some old charges filed against him that Jamie would like to see dropped. This is where Erin comes into play. Jamie pays his sister a visit, where he does his best to make some arguments for her to do something about said charges. She never says “yes” to helping him, but he pulls the Jamie Reagan move on her as soon as it sounds like she could help him out.

Here’s your customary reminder that there’s a big difference between could and will.

Erin now finds herself in a tricky spot — either she helps her brother and Eddie with this case, or looks like the bad person. It is a part of a prosecutor’s life and she’ll have to get to the bottom of it. Much of this could depend heavily on the nature of the old charges. If they’re for something minor or drug-related, it may not be so big of a deal if it’s clear that he has since turned his life around. Yet, if it’s something more serious it’s harder for her to turn a blind eye just because he was a hero within this moment.

Then again, if this was something incredibly serious would Jamie have really gone to Erin with this in the first place? That doesn’t sound like something he would do given that he has a tendency to be caring and at times lets his heart carry the day. This is why there needs to be a balance with him and some of the other members of his family.

(Photo: CBS.)

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