The Big Bang Theory season 11 episode 10 review: Sheldon and Amy’s almost-wedding

Big Bang Theory season 11 episode 10The Big Bang Theory season 11 episode 10 proved to be every bit as entertaining as you could’ve possibly wanted. Over the course of Thursday night’s episode there was almost a wedding, a reinvented version of Raj, and Howard finding himself so lonely that he was hanging out with Stuart.

Let’s start here with the Sheldon / Amy storyline, given that it contained such compliments as “you’re better than dark matter” as he decided that getting married at City Hall was not a right move — conveniently minutes before he was going to have a ceremony there. Sheldon choosing to back out of an impromptu wedding that he previously wanted was almost a little too jarring of a move given that we saw no evidence it was coming; nonetheless, it produced a sweet moment for the couple in the midst of what was a silly story for them at first. The episode began with the two of them randomly assigning each other duties for the wedding — a novel idea at first before things started to slowly careen off the rails with two having very different visions as to what their wedding should be.

Now, let’s hope for a real ceremony for the two of them, one that can be very different from the one that Leonard and Penny had a nice celebration of their entire relationship.

The best thing about episode 10 is that it actually presented something that many Big Bang Theory episodes do not — significant personal growth for some of these characters. A fine example of this came through the Raj / Howard storyline, one where Howard was forced to confront one of his greatest weaknesses as a character: He can be a bit of a bully. He has been mean-spirited towards Raj for years, and while he doesn’t think anything of it his comments have gone unchecked — until now. Raj decided to distance himself from this friendship and as a result of that, his confidence soared. He got a new job at the Conservatory, and at the end of the night met a woman who was interested in him. Howard went to Stuart’s as a refuge at one point, but probably the most heartbreaking scene for him was watching him sneak into Raj’s Conservatory gig debut incognito with a hat on. He wanted to be there for his friend but didn’t quite know how to correct the mistake that he made.

Good on The Big Bang Theory for not just tying this storyline up in a single episode, and for not permanently reducing Raj to a punching bag. He’s capable of more and we saw that tonight.

CarterMatt Verdict

For the sake of having a wide array of different jokes, and moving the needle on some important stories, season 11 episode 10 is one of the best episodes of the past year. The writers took on some important issues and made it clear that while Sheldon, Amy, and Raj may hav their quirks, they’re also human and want some of the same things as all of us.

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