Blue Bloods season 8 – Ernie Hudson casting news: Who’s he playing?

Blue Bloods season 8

Blue Bloods season 8 has just booked another legendary talent for a guest-starring role. This time around, it happens to be former Ghostbusters star Ernie Hudson!

According to Entertainment Weekly, Hudson (who has more recently appeared on Grace & Frankie, APB, Twin Peaks, and Modern Family) is going to surface within Blue Bloods as a principal in Darryl. Unfortunately, Darryl’s school is very different from most — it’s plagued by an epidemic of gang violence and he will start to scramble to figure out a way to stop the problem. Could he eventually turn to some less then proper ways in order to do so? It seems that way, since the report notes that he wants to confront the kids in question “in the language they understand best.” Does that mean stopping violence with violence? That seems possible, and it would represent one of the classic Blue Bloods moral dilemmas that we’ve come to expect from this show. Is stopping a violent gang really a good thing if you are using violence yourself?

You’ll likely get a chance to check out Ernie Hudson in action at some point within the first several episodes of 2018 — unfortunately, there is no new episode airing beyond this Friday for the next month or so, at least. Blue Bloods is ending a little bit earlier in the month of December than its Friday-night counterparts, which really shouldn’t be all that much of a surprise given that it’s something that we’ve seen happen in the past.

Hudson joins a stellar lineup of Blue Bloods guest cast members past and present, one that includes everyone from Lorraine Bracco to David Ramsey to Ato Essandoh to Whoopi Goldberg, who made another appearance earlier this season. One of the great things about this show is that New York City is a living, breathing character, and it doesn’t tend to shut off various parts of it after a given storyline is complete. There are often opportunities to check out parts of it even beyond a guest actor’s first appearance.

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