MTV’s Floribama Shore episode 4 review: Why is this turning into the Kayla Jo show?

Floribama ShoreRecently on MTV’s Floribama Shore we saw an insane pub brawl that spilled out into the streets and involved too many people to count. People were getting punched and slapped, bouncers were sitting on people, Jeremiah was standing there in shock like he had just seen Santa for the first time – it was pure insanity. The episode ended with the cops showing up, so CarterMatt is interested in seeing if anyone’s going to be carted off to jail and if this is just a typical night on the Floribama Shore.

So how did everything turn out with this insane bar brawl? Gus was able to get everyone into the cabs and home before anyone got arrested – thank goodness for Gus and his cool head! What’s interesting about this fight is that it brought everyone in the house closer together, much like when Snooki got punched in the face by that guy at a bar brought the Jersey Shore house closer together. The only person that isn’t part of the after fight glow is Jeremiah who feels that Nilsa should be able to let these comment roll off her back – he just doesn’t understand the physical fighting.

The good times don’t last long when Jeremiah invites Kayla Jo out with the house for the night. We saw Nilsa and Jeremiah squash their beef over his relationship with Kayla Jo on the last episode, but we know that it’s not really over for Nilsa. She’s still upset that Jeremiah chose Kayla over her, and continues to be confused as to why he doesn’t want to be with her. Even though Nilsa tries to be nice to Kayla Jo, it doesn’t last long before Nilsa is taking little shots at her… and Kayla Jo is happily trash talking Nilsa behind her back. Why do these two need to pretend they like each other when everyone knows that they don’t? What is this illusion really accomplishing?

Her approach of not coming at Kayla Jo seems to be short lived when she finds out that Kayla Jo is a Wiccan… then out come the Jesus candles! At this point it’s not only Nilsa that has a problem with Kayla Jo, Codi, Candace and Aimee are starting to feel weird around her too and don’t like that she’s at the house all the time. When Jeremiah finds out that everyone’s talking trash about Kayla Jo’s religion he decides to nip this in the bud and calls a family meeting. Even though many of the housemates are having issue with Kayla Jo, Jeremiah is coming for Nilsa more so then anyone else. What we are finding the most hypocritical about the whole thing is that Nilsa is expected to not say anything bad about Kayla Jo, but Jeremiah has no problem with the things that Kayla Jo says about Nilsa. The one good thing that did come out of this fight is that Jeremiah and Nilsa really talked things out and it’s squashed for now.

We also saw someone call Gus a derogatory name at a bar and while Gus was ready to fight if he had to, the bouncers talked him down. Was anyone else cheering when they saw Kirk’s fighting antenna go up when he saw someone starting with Gus? Once Candace hears though, she’s ready for a fight and it kicks off once again and we are back wondering the same thing we were wondering last week… is someone going to get arrested or is this just par for the course on the Floribama Shore?

The CarterMatt verdict

We understand that Jeremiah is interested in Kayla Jo and that’s why she’s around a lot, but the roommates are right in saying that she’s basically another roommate. She’s been on the show so much, and has eaten up so much screen time that we there are actual stars of this show that we’ve barely seen or have gotten to know like Candace and Codi. We really want the focus to move back towards the actual cast of this show, that’s who we are invested in. Also, meeting Kortni Gilson’s mom tonight was a highlight for –  can we just say that we love her and want her to adopt us.

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