Chicago Med season 3 episode 3 review: Can the past be the present?

Chicago Med season 3 episode 3Chicago Med season 3 episode 3 felt, in some ways, like a mirror of the first two episodes. There was huge tension between Dr. Rhodes and Dr. Bekker, Dr. Halstead and Dr. Manning were trying to figure out their relationship, and Dr. Charles was still getting adjusted back to work following the trial and his tenuous relationship with Dr. Reese.

What made the episode stand out more comes via the tiny details. With Dr. Rhodes, for example, we saw his relationship with Ava deteriorate to the point where the two parties could end up hurting a patient because of their own inability to communicate with each other. The two parties did end up working together in order to make a patient’s life better — despite all of the chaos. Interestingly, what we also learned here was that Dr. Bekker actually seemed to enjoy working under this degree of stress. Maybe the same can even be said for Dr. Rhodes judging from his conversation with Dr. Latham at the end of the episode.

While Will and Natalie had some of their own issues to work through, including apparently Will’s beard, Natalie actually spent the bulk of the episode working alongside Dr. Choi on a case involving a rare genetic disorder that caused a young woman to die. At first the two could not figure it out, and were it not for her brother, a drug addict who had similar symptoms, they wouldn’t have been able to figure out what really happened. This was a pretty standard case-of-the-week plot, but it was nice to see the brother get some redemption after being written off as a druggie.

Throughout the episode there was actually a larger problem plaguing everyone at the hospital, and that was the need for the budget to be cut down. Goodwin realized that she was under pressure to figure out how to save money, and there were hard decisions to be made — she just hasn’t figured them out yet. She did issue a harsh warning to Dr. Charles, though, that psych is not the most profitable part of the hospital and he really should tread lightly when it comes to asking questions about where some of the money is going.

Maggie’s backstory

Tonight we actually had a little bit of history into one of our favorite nurses, as an old flame from her past reentered the picture, desperate to prove that he changed. She had some of her fears about it, but judging from the end of the episode alone it seemed as though he’s trying to be on the straight and narrow; with that, he’s willing to give her another chance.

While Maggie ended the night at Molly’s making her past into her present, Will and Natalie, exhausted from their long days, fell asleep in the lounge. Apparently, the stress of the day meant A) no date that night and B) Will keeps the stubble … for now.

CarterMatt Verdict

While nothing altogether earth-shattering happened tonight on Chicago Med, a solid episode is still worthwhile television and we appreciated the chance to get to know Maggie better.

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