Vikings spin-off: Don’t expect one anytime soon

Vikings spin-offWhile we may be lucky enough to get a Vikings season 6 coming up in the future, don’t expect a Vikings spin-off to go along with it. For now, the focus seems to be remaining strictly on the History series itself, the one that helped to kickstart the network’s scripted-series and the one that accumulated many fans all over the entire world.

In speaking on the subject of the long-term future of Vikings to Deadline, History’s executive vice president of programming Eli Lehrer had the following to say:

“I think Michael Hirst is so busy writing the episodes that we’ve ordered that I can’t imagine he’s had time to think about spinning it off. So the answer is, at this point, we haven’t had conversations about anything beyond how can we get more episodes of Vikings itself … It’s a monumental undertaking but he does [write every episode of the series] with a shocking degree of ease and equanimity.”

While we are sure that there are some characters from Vikings who deserve to have their own series (personally we would love to watch a series all about Floki or Rollo!), at the same time we would argue that it would be far more interesting to see Hirst down the road take on a completely new era of history with a different cast and have a little bit more fun with that. From our vantage point, seeing him do something similar to what History is doing with Knightfall would ultimately be ideal.

As for the future of Vikings itself, Lehrer made it clear that for now, much of that is up to Hirst. There is one more season coming up beyond the current one, and then after that it’s really a toss-up. We know that due to complicated contracts it could be tough to see the show on the air past season 7, but who knows? With all of the different cast members leaving and arriving on the show already it may be a little bit easier to keep this one going as opposed to the average show. They’ve already killed off their leading man and the show is still going strong without missing a beat!

What do you think the future of Vikings should be, and would you watch a spin-off featuring any of its characters? Be sure to share now in the comments below!

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