Should Sophie Skelton return for Outlander season 3 finale?

Sophie SkeltonShould Sophie Skelton make a return appearance in the Outlander season 3 finale? At the moment, we do feel as though the table is set for it.

At the end of this past episode, we saw Geillis Duncan come to a key revelation that a 200-year old baby is tied to a prophecy that could have the future of Scotland at the center of it. We’ve come to learn many things about Geillis over time, with one of the biggest ones being that she is incredibly smart. She’s crafty, and she is going to understand in time just how important Brianna could be to this prophecy coming to fruition. This could cause her to want to travel into the future to track her down.

In the preview for the Outlander season 3 finale¬†you learn that there is seemingly a way (on the island) to travel through time, just like there was with the stones back in Scotland. Geillis looks to be intent on doing everything that she can in order to do this. Doesn’t this make some of the other problems that Jamie and Claire have right now feel a little bit smaller? While Captain Leonard and the crew of the Porpoise seem to now have Jamie under arrest for crimes supposedly committed as Alexander Malcolm, we feel (reasonably) confident that Lord John Grey can lend a helping hand with that. It’s going to be a little bit harder for Lord John, Jamie, or anyone else to deal with Geillis. That’s a big part of what makes her so interesting — perhaps more so than almost any other character within Outlander Geillis Duncan is a villain for Claire. She’s the other side of the coin and someone who understands time travel on the same level that she does. The main difference here is that Geillis seems to use the convention as a means for exploitation and power; meanwhile, Claire is using it now for love.

Bringing back Brianna in the finale, even in a small way, would help this season go full-circle given that she hasn’t been featured since before Claire went back into the past. It seems unlikely based on comments that are out there, but this could be one of those closely-guarded secrets … right?

For the record, we’re not basing this speculation at all on what happened in the books. For one we’re not a book reader; also, there have apparently been some changes to the prophecy on the TV show already based on internet reaction. Therefore, it’s fair to think that the show could have some artistic license to how they wrap up this part of Voyager on the small screen.

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