Good Behavior season 2 episode 8 review: Grappling with pain

Good Behavior season 2 episode 8Good Behavior season 2 episode 8 on TNT Sunday night can be best described using one simple word: Pain. This was one of the most heartbreaking episodes of the season, largely to see what happens to Letty and Javier when they are not around each other and are devoid of hope.

We do think that this episode, entitled “Stay Beautiful,” does a good job of resolving one debatable issue: Clearly, these two characters are not better off without each other in the slightest. They’re sad, miserable people who chose to act out on their pain in pretty destructive ways.

When it comes to Letty, the way in which we saw her acting out tonight was pretty clear: With her deciding that the best thing for her to do was go on a drug-fueled bender in a half-way completed house. This eventually transferred out to a field and featured everything from a spray-paint battle to idiots nearly killing one another with a nail gun. This felt almost like the premiere of The Night Of except without some of the heaviness. This was a little bit more subversive. The message that we got from this was that without Javier, Jacob, or any sort of hope, Letty didn’t really care all that much if she lived or died.

With Javier, he found himself almost in an adverse position as a hitman — he tried to show restraint before getting his heart smashed again (Letty wouldn’t accept his gift of a house), and then started to go off the deep end. Javier knows by now that torture and violence have consequences, but we still don’t think that he anticipated the full scope of said consequences tonight.

Where we left things off

At the end of her bender Letty found herself isolated and alone in the middle of nowhere, devoid of help and looking for one of her bender-buddies in Dave. This was rock bottom for her — she didn’t have a place to stay, a stable relationship with her son, or any other tangible thing to hang her hat on. This was her darkest timeline. She has her life in ruins, and Javier has destroyed the lives of other. The two clearly need each other, but they may not be able to make their way through the mountain of guilt and stubbornness to make their way back to each other.

CarterMatt Verdict

We don’t think it’s all that hard to detect the irony within Good Behavior season 2 episode 8’s title. This was an episode where there was almost no beauty at all. This was more about characters struggling to find themselves and realize that they don’t have to be the way that they are. Hopefully, the end of this installment is a wake-up call to Letty and Javier that while their lives could be better, they could also be so much worse.

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