Supergirl midseason finale photos show two sides to Samantha, Reign

Supergirl midseason finale photosSome of the first Supergirl midseason finale photos have hit the web, and they make the Samantha / Reign picture even murkier.

At the end of episode 3×07, (the last before the crossover event began) we saw Samantha officially transform into the Big Bad of the season. It appeared as though the Worldkiller side of her had completely taken over and she was now hellbent on executing her true mission. What was not clear was whether or not Samantha was still a part of her, whether Reign had access to her memories, or if this is some sort of alternate personality that can flutter in and out.

No matter what it is, the photo above makes it very clear that Samantha the character is still a part of the show. Either Reign is going to continue to put on the illusion that Samantha is an ordinary woman and single mom, or Samantha will regain control and phase out the other part of her. We have a harder time believing that the latter is the case mostly for one reason — given how protective she’s been of her daughter Ruby, would she really go about her day-to-day life thinking that there is this psychopath inside of her out to destroy the world? She’d have to be really confident that she could keep that part of her at bay.

In the end, we know that Reign is going to appear / have a costume tailored for her (seriously, who is the tailor for these characters other than Kara?) by the end of the episode. The photo below is your proof of that as the two characters meet for the first time. To go along with that, there’s another question that comes to the forefront: Kara has to recognize that Reign is Samantha, right? While there are plenty of people who’ve been oblivious over the years that Kara is Supergirl, she has to be pretty good at detecting such things. This could create some interesting moral decisions moving forward given that A) Samantha seems to care so well for her daughter and B) she’s been a more than serviceable employee for Lena Luthor.

This episode, fittingly entitled “Reign,” is airing on The CW Monday night. You can see a more extensive preview for it by visiting the link here.

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Supergirl midseason finale photos

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