Outlander season 3 episode 12 tease: The surprise reunion ahead

Outlander season 3 episode 11 photosAs we present our final story preview for Outlander season 3 episode 12 (we’ll have a ratings preview later in the day), there’s one thing that is surprising us about “The Bakra” going into it: Just how secretive Starz is being regarding the episode. There are no official sneak peeks out there, and while we’ve seen some photos, they only give away so much.

Perhaps a big part of the reason for the secrecy moving into the installment is precisely what is at stake. “The Bakra” is a story that is going to revolve (in part) around a lavish ball, one that will hold massive implications for Jamie and Claire Fraser. If you give away too much about the story in advance, you run the risk of the surprise being spoiled for some show-only viewers. Maybe book readers have a better idea of what is coming … but even with them there’s always a chance that the show shakes things up slightly. We’re not sure that the days of book readers having the advantage are gone, but this season has shown that there are ways in which all viewers of Outlander can still be surprised and that’s one of the things that makes this adaptation special.

Here’s the most substantial story tease we can hand over to you (courtesy of TV Guide) — you are going to have a chance within this episode to see Jamie and Claire reunite with someone who played a big part in Jamie’s past, and while the two may appear to be happy to see this person, there could be more tension there than you would first imagine. Claire in particular is slightly less trusting and it may take her a little while to feel comfortable with this person.

Claire may need to learn to trust this person though, as they will be integral in helping Jamie and Claire find Young Ian and secure his safety. As for whether or not he’ll ever head back to Scotland though, that remains to be seen — though you can say the same thing regarding Jamie and Claire as well. A big part of what makes these two final episodes so interesting to us is that these characters really haven’t had a chance just yet to dive into the idea of staying in North America; they’ve been understandably so transfixed on the idea of trying to help Young Ian that they’ve put most of their own future to the side. They’re happy to be around each other and while that companionship may matter to them more than anything else, at some point they do have some other things to think about … including, of course, where they want to live.

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