Blindspot season 3: How Weller’s secret involves Jane’s daughter

Weller's secretWhat is Weller’s secret? This is a question that permeated Blindspot season 3 from the end of the premiere episode. Now, we’re starting to get a better sense as to just what it is — and also how terrible it is going to be for Weller in the event that Jane ever finds out the truth about it.

During Friday night’s new episode it was revealed that Weller did meet Jane’s daughter (Avery) while in Berlin, and there’s a secret that is behind it that could prove to be rather unsettling. This is something that executive producer / showrunner Martin Gero teased more with the following statement per Entertainment Weekly:

“Weller did meet Jane’s daughter in Berlin, and he’s gonna continue to keep that a secret for now … He’s worried about what Jane will think if she ever finds out the truth, and you’ll never guess what the truth is.”

Weller seems to be holding onto this secret for the same exact reason that most TV characters hide something from the past: Fear. He recognizes that the tumultuous relationship he has with Jaimie Alexander’s character could fall apart more if this secret gets out; as a result of that, he is going to be super-hesitant in order to share it. Yet, for an FBI agent he seems to be ignoring one obvious flaw in his thinking: All secrets, whether you want them to or not, have a tendency of coming out at some of the most inopportune times. There is a very good reason as a result of that to think that Weller’s secret is going to be unleashed at a time when Weller really doesn’t need anyone to know about it. It could cause his relationship and his career to be in some serious jeopardy.

At some point, Weller has to just tell her and deal with the consequences. It won’t be easy, but he should be used to that.

What we already know for certain

Roman is going to cause some significant problems when it comes to said secret. In some of the details that are released about the next all-new episode, he is going to be doing everything within his power to dangle this secret to get what he wants.

When do you think that the Weller secret is going to come out on Blindspot and how do you think Jane’s going to react when she knows? Share in the comments!

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