MacGyver season 2 episode 9 review: Bozer’s heartbreaking reveal

Hawaii Five-0 crossoverThere were many things we were prepared for on MacGyver season 2 episode 9, but a heartbreaking reveal from Bozer was one of them. While we know that it may not have been the main story for the episode, it was probably the best performance we’ve seen from Justin Hires over his entire career.

Here’s where Bozer stood — while in training, he found himself at the mercy of Leanna to protect the code work that was given to him. He withstood many of the things that were thrown at him, but then eventually struggled when Leanna uncovered one of his biggest secrets, one that he rarely talks about — the death of his brother when he was little. It came about as a result of a terrible accident, and all you had to do was look at Bozer’s face when she brought out the photo of his brother and started to play the 911 tape. While he managed to succeed in withstanding the interrogation, was it really worth it? Truly a brilliant performance!

Bozer is not reunited with the rest of the team yet, but near the end of the episode he briefly considered leaving — he didn’t want to be a part of this craziness anymore. Yet, it was Leanna in the end who convinced him to stay put.

Mac and company stop a nerve-gas crisis – Out of all of the cases in which we’ve seen MacGyver put his life on the line, this one has to be the top of the list. In order to stop a deadly nerve gas from spreading and impact giant populations, Mac took one for the team and nearly sacrificed himself.

Mac obviously had two different reasons to make it through this in one piece — finding a way to get closer to seeing his father (he was able to retrieve an old piece of film), and to potentially have another conversation with Cage. Who else thinks that we’re getting closer to something brewing there?

The big reveal for Mac comes via that film where he seemed to learn that Matty Webber may have a history with his family — and with his father. Why hasn’t she said anything? We’ve got plenty of questions coming out of this story! It’s one of the better cliffhangers in a while.

Riley gives Elwood a chance – After finally admitting to Jack that she’d been talking to her father, she decided that she was going to go out to dinner with him. However, in the process Jack didn’t trust it. He decided that he was going to tail him — and learned along the way that he is not the only person targeting Elwood.

CarterMatt Verdict

MacGyver returned from a week off the air with one of its biggest episodes in quite some time. In between learning about Bozer’s brother and also Matty’s history with MacGyver, there’s a lot to chew on between now and the next episode… and we love it!

What did you think about tonight’s MacGyver episode and some of the twists that you saw throughout? Share in the comments!

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