Hawaii Five-0 season 8 episode 8 video: Is McGarrett about to crash a plane?

Hawaii Five-0 season 8 episode 8When Hawaii Five-0 season 8 episode 8 airs on CBS Friday night you’re going to see Steve McGarrett take to the skies. That’s the exciting part of it. The less exciting part of it is the idea of him crashing a plane into the ocean.

The sneak preview below seems to suggest that crashing this plane is a possibility. Steve is going undercover in the midst of a new case as a pilot, and that apparently requires him to take part in some sort of race / stunt challenge. This is the sort of thing that we often see on flight simulator video games and very rarely see in actual life — the whole idea of this seems so terrifying that watching it play out in real-time feels like it’d be a great source of anxiety. We’re just talking about as a viewer, let alone someone in Steve’s shoes trying to take part in it.

While Steve is in the sky trying to replicate all of the necessary stunts, he’s got some of his team on the ground in Jerry, Tani, and Danny — they’re as supportive as someone can be in their position, but Jerry seems to have a similar philosophy on airplane stunts to us. Maybe it’s because of that time his plane crashed and he had to spend the next several years battling a Smoke Monster, Ben Linus and the Others.

Jerry’s fears are realized at the end of the sneak peek where it appears as though Steve, (after missing a stunt) is primed for a crash landing. Of course in true ultimate CBS preview fashion, it cuts away before we get a chance to see how it all plays out. We know that McGarrett’s not going to randomly die in the middle of the season in a plane crash — we can imagine the rioters outside of Peter Lenkov’s house if that happens — but there are some other consequences that could come his way as a result of this. Maybe his error in the sky was such that his cover is blown, or the team misses out on their chance to get some of the information that they were previously seeking.

This episode of Hawaii Five-0 airs on CBS Friday night, and we’ll return with a full review of everything that transpires at 10:00 p.m. Eastern. Check back to CarterMatt for that plus a preview for what’s coming next. While you’re waiting, we recommend taking a look over here for some Christmas episode scoop.

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