Major Crimes Sanctuary City Part 5 delivers the tears and missing puzzle pieces

Major Crimes Shandy weddingTNT’s Major Crimes concluded its first season 6 episode arc and boy was it a wild ride. The episode picked up right where part 4 ended with Dr. Mateo Garza dead on the floor of his office. The squad discovers a suicide note and rule it as a suicide for now but some inconsistencies leave the team to suspect foul play and it leaves many questions still unanswered. The team decides to drop the charges on the boys so they can question them again and Detective Paige takes on the challenge of figuring out where the boys were headed when they left the school field trip. By doing this the team allows Father Jonas to talk to Ryan as they watch from the video room. From Ryan and Father Jonas’s conversation the squad learns that Ryan did kill his stepfather (Hector), and Ryan told Miguel about the murder.

Finally the puzzle starts to come together and we have some answers. In the previous parts, the suspicion about the death of Ryan’s stepfather and his involvement lead us to believe that this was the reason they were kidnapped, however, something was always missing. When the team begins to question Miguel, he claims that it couldn’t be the cartel who was behind the kidnapping because they would have just shot the boys not take them on a road trip to Mexico. It made us think and the cartel angle made no sense. Miguel then revealed that it had to be about Lucas and the affair his mother was having. Up until this point we have always been slightly confused by this case, and maybe we were suppose to be, but the interrogation scene with Miguel suddenly turned on the light bulb in our heads.

This immediately made us think of Father Jonas, who is infamous for having affairs with married women, but of course, this is too easy. However, being the clever person she is, Sharon tells the team she wants Dr. Morales to look at Mateo Garza’s body because the case just blew wide open. Sharon asks Dr. Morales to examine the back of Dr. Garza’s throat to find that it matches the same pattern as Lucas and after Mrs. Garza confesses to having an affair everything starts to make sense. Mrs. Sara Garza was having an affair with her husband’s business partner Dr. Alan Redmond and that he killed Lucas and Dr. Garza out of love for her. The team discovers he used the practice’s LA Lakers VIP badges to lure the boys away from the field trip, but ended up drugging them to take them to Mexico. It was a great twist and one that we didn’t see coming. Despite being confused for more than half of this episode arc, it all added up in the end and in a way the confusion helped make the ending more surprising. It was a smart move by James Duff and company and in a TV landscape where it’s hard to surprise people these days, this was a welcome twist.

Another important part of this episode was the wedding. During this case, Sharon is also preparing for her upcoming wedding to Andy Flynn. Her children Emily and Ricky arrive and want to help in every way they can, after learning of Sharon’s heart condition. On a side note, we loved this scene because Emily’s affection for her little brother and Andy is adorable. Emily and Ricky’s support is amazing to see. In the end, Sharon and Andy were married and everything was so beautiful, from the way Mary McDonnell looked to the bridesmaids and groomsmen it was a gorgeous sight. However, we wish we could have seen more. It looked like they ran out of time and just cut the episode off. Now we understand the show is about the team as a whole, but after weeks of teasing fans with pictures of the wedding, we expected more. Especially since many of the pictures released we didn’t even see on the show. The only hope now is that TNT releases the deleted scenes with the Season 6 DVD.

By the way, remember Rusty’s request? Well, if you didn’t figure it out, he asked if Mark (Julio’s adoptive son) could also be a ring bearer. In addition, for long-time fans the scene where Sharon is asked by Father Stan how she is doing is one scene that Mary McDonnell owns and shines so brightly in.

Major Crimes returns next Tuesday at 9p.m. on TNT.

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