Chicago PD season 5 episode 8 review: Burgess’ choice; Hank’s dilemma

Chicago PD season 5 cast photoChicago PD season 5 episode 8 was all about politics, which made it all the more appropriate that “Politics” was actually the title for this episode.

Over the course of this episode, what we saw was a complicated case that only grew more complicated with each passing day, thanks largely to the fact that Congressman Scott Graynor, an old friend of Voight’s, was involved. A Ukrainian woman was found dead in his office and there were questions regarding how she got there. Was Graynor responsible for that?

What the Intelligence team realized over time was that this case was so much more complicated than anyone thought, and that her death may be connected to a far more elaborate sting operation — one that was spreading throughout the city. There were a number of young women from Eastern Europe who were caught up in an operation where they were incredibly mistreated and abused. Upton and Antonio ran point on much of the operation, and eventually they found themselves in a spot where they were finally going to be able to catch someone in the act.

Well, here’s where things start to get a little bit crazy — and Kim is forced to make a tough choice.

Things got complicated for Kim Burgess

Over the course of the hour we saw the character in a rough position — her boyfriend Matt Miller was working with the feds and he wasn’t altogether keen on sharing any information that he had on the case. He was playing for the feds, and he didn’t end up helping Burgess and Intelligence at all. After the team got screwed Voight told her that she had to make a decision: Either work with him or work with Matt. She chose to work with Voight and go rogue on the feds, which was great for the sake of her career. However, it was disastrous for Matt and could undo much of his work; basically, she chose the mission over any damage that would come with her relationship.

After Intelligence was able to arrest their target the feds were of course angry with everyone, especially Intelligence choosing to help one young woman rather than helping their larger investigation. Based on the end of the episode, it also looks like Kim’s relationship is over.

Voight’s predicament

The bad news for Hank is that he’s still facing trouble even after the conclusion of this case — namely, Alderman Price still has him because of the favor that he did for McGrady. That’s going to loom large for a while.

CarterMatt Verdict

Chicago PD season 5 episode 8 brought much of what you could want from this show — great drama, tough moral decisions, and the police deciding that justice for one person still very much matters.

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