Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers episode 10 review: Go nuts for coconuts

Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers episode 10 reviewTonight, Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers kicked off its first of two episodes, and with Joe and Mike having their backs against the wall.

Mike, almost right away, did his part to explain the somewhat-dubious move that he made. We got not wanting to leave with an idol in his pocket, but do you really want to use it when you know you’re probably not going home? he claims that he’s going to keep fighting, and we hope so since we really aren’t stoked about the idea of the Cocky Seven (they’re likable by and large, but cocky) achieving the full extent of their plan.

Reward Challenge – Hooray, a solo Reward Challenge! Also, it’s the Baylor Wilson Memorial Feet-Stacking Challenge! Also, we’re slightly convinced that Dr. mike should switch from being a urologist to a podiatrist based on how good he was with his feet for most of the challenge. He got so close to completing this! He missed at the very end, though, and Lauren ended up winning her second straight.

The aftermath of the reward was interesting. Lauren decided to take Devon, Ben, and Ashley to take her out there so that she could be the kingpin. She wanted these people to be her four at the end of the game. She had a point in that Chrissy, Ryan, and JP are all super-confident. Yet, if you get rid of one of them and Mike and Joe join them, isn’t there then a tie? We’d get rid of Mike / Joe before taking out any of the other three, even though it seems like Lauren and her team want to clue in Joe and Mike on their plans for now. It’s risky.

Letters and clues – While at the reward these four all got some letters from home, and in the midst of being emotional Ben managed to find and secure a clue for a hidden idol. He had his objective, and from there he had to find the idol in a limited amount of time. Enter about a million or so military metaphors. Ben found it, got himself an idol, and in turn has way more power than he did previously. But … will he play the idol correctly?

Immunity Time – Interestingly, Lauren, Ben, and Devon all decided to sit out this challenge for food even after getting a reward. Way to not tip off anything, guys! Seriously.

The challenge itself was all about balancing at sea. This was a really interesting one thanks mostly to the drama (it really is intense, surprisingly, watching people stand around) and also the strategy. Every person left at the end in Mike, Ashley, and Rayn had a different strategy. Is it a surprise that lifeguard Ashley won immunity? It shouldn’t be that someone who is a lifeguard and probably surfs managed to take this thing home.

Go nuts for “Coconuts” – Coconuts is the alliance name for Mike and Joe, and Chrissy and Ryan immediately wanted to split them up after Immunity. Lauren’s crew was ready to make a move, and as a result of that they wanted to figure out who to target. Devon’s plan was entertaining, if nothing else — convince Ben to vote Mike alongside JP, Chrissy, and Ryan, and then convince Mike and Joe to vote with himself, Lauren, and Ashley. This would allow Ben to work as a double agent for a little while. This was DELICIOUS.

Now, the drama – Would the new alliance’s plan work out? We didn’t get a sense as to who the precise target was going into this, but all the credit in the world for Lauren and company for keeping their plans hush-hush throughout this. We don’t get a sense that Chrissy, Ryan, and JP had any idea what was happening.

So, who left? It was, surprisingly, JP. We wouldn’t have done this. Why not take out the guy with the idol when you least expect it to happen? This was the chance! This was a great episode and a great blindside, but we do think Lauren messed up with the target in the end.

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