Outlander season 3 episode 12 photos: See Sam Heughan, Caitriona Balfe in ‘The Bakra’

Outlander season 3 episode 11 photosThe latest Outlander season 3 episode 12 photos have surfaced (via Starz), and they remind us that “The Bakra” is going to be an episode like almost no other. It’ll be romantic, dramatic, intriguing, and probably also remind some viewers out there of season 2. You’ve got some photos of Jamie and Claire at sea mixed with Jamie and Claire glammed-up for the Governor’s Ball.

When you think about the tone of the series plus everything that we’ve gotten to see in terms of the show’s content over time, this may very well be the most comprehensive version of Outlander that we’ve ever had a chance to see.

The photo above seems to show Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe’s character in a relative state of conflict/concern, whether it be pertaining to matters at sea and on the shore. This episode is going to eventually land the two in Jamaica and it’s not all that hard to see why that may be an area of worry for them — the entire crew of the Porpoise is apparently out to get Jamie based on the conversations between Claire and Captain Leonard, and the Governor’s Ball could end up becoming a war-zone as a result of it.

Jamie and Claire are going to need to find some allies — luckily, the synopsis for the episode hinted that some could be there to help at some point. If they want to make it through the episode together, they’re going to need it! (We’re not sure that our heart can take another separation).

Outlander season 3 episode 11 photos

Isn’t there something fun about seeing Jamie and Claire dress up in such a way? It’s a reminder of the adventures of old, and it has to be even more nostalgic for these two when you consider that it was a good 20 years before that they last did anything of the sort.

One of the remaining two photos below features more potential Jamie / Claire conflict, whereas the other is a reminder that even though Fergus and Marsali are now married, they are still not going to have your traditional honeymoon. It’s hard for them to  do this when you consider Jamie’s dilemma. He’s been a father figure for each one of them and they are going to be invested in doing what they can to help him. Maybe this will be an episode where we can start to warm up to Marsali a little more; we got the sense during “Uncharted” that some of the ice was starting to melt between her and Claire.

This episode airs on Starz Sunday night at 8:00 p.m. Eastern time, and of course we’ll be back with all of the good stuff you expect — a review, a preview (this time for the finale — let that sad news sink in), and then also possibly an Emmy watch piece talking about the latest performances.

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Outlander season 3 episode 11 photos

Outlander season 3 episode 11 photos


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