Chicago Med season 3 episode 2 review: When relationships get messy

Chicago Med season 3 premiereThe Chicago Med season 3 premiere brought to the center a number of big relationship storylines, and most of them helped to prove one thing: When you work at a hospital, it can be very difficult to manage anything else in your life.

Strangely, the couple that got along the most in the episode was Dr. Halstead and Dr. Manning; ironically, the couple who have been together the shortest period of time. They focused most of their energy tonight trying to help an expecting mother who refused to give herself nutrients out of fear that they would ruin the diet plan she had set up for her child. Eventually, she had to come to grips with the fact that her way wasn’t right and would kill her baby. That wasn’t easy. Luckily, Manning was able to relate to her using some of her experiences as a mother. That was enough to get her to submit to their method of treatment.

For Ethan and April, however, things were not so easy. Ethan wanted to give April orders as to the right way in which to treat a patient. Unfortunately, there was a major problem present between the two given that she thought she had the experience necessary to help the patient better. He needed to listen to her, and she also needed to trust him. Compromise is really the secret to the sauce at Chicago Med and these two had to learn that over time.

Elsewhere, Connor Rhodes learned more of how his relationship with Robyn impacts his work. He’s exhausted, losing sleep and is desperate to still function at a high level at his job. That’s not happening. He’s falling apart and it’s causing him to struggle on all fronts. In turn, Dr. Latham is starting to trust Dr. Bekker more than him and this could have long-term ramifications.

As for non-romantic relationships…

The one between Dr. Reese and Dr. Charles continues to crumble, this time over the way to treat a woman who came in wanting a doctor’s note — Sarah wouldn’t give her what she wanted (mostly because she didn’t think that she was being genuine), but Dr. Charles wanted to treat her and get to the bottom of why she acted this way. This was his curiosity to resolve every problem doing battle against her desire to stop people who were trying to seemingly game the system. Things escalated to the point where Reese’s patient ended up stealing her prescription pad and the two got into a scuffle. After that, the woman slashed her tries. Dr. Reese’s point was clearly made here.

CarterMatt Verdict

We do wish that Chicago Med had more big event stories and got out of the hospital a bit (hard for this sort of show, granted), but season 3 episode 2 delivered on progressing some of the relationships from where they were in the premiere. It also confirmed more that Will and Natalie are doing well as a couple and Dr. Rhodes’ relationship is in trouble.

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