Is Victor Garber leaving Legends of Tomorrow as Martin Stein?

Victor Garber leavingIs Victor Garber leaving Legends of Tomorrow as Martin Stein? In this case, it’s really about the how more so than the if.

Earlier this season it was reported that Garber would be eventually exiting the CW show after playing the role of Professor Stein since the first season on The Flash. He was originally paired up with Robbie Amell as the first version of Firestorm. After that, he joined forces with Franz Drameh and his character of Jefferson Jackson.

Garber’s exit has been hinted at for weeks, but tonight’s episode seemed to finally confirm it was happening when Stein died as a result of a vicious battle between our heroes and the Nazi villains who were coming over from Earth-X. Jax tried his hardest to keep him on life support, but eventually it was to no avail as Jax went along with Stein’s suggestion that he separate the two and allow him to die.

But … was Stein really dead? The show did a great job of trying to sell us on the idea that the character wasn’t going to make it, complete with us watching him die and Jax even going and visiting his family. However, when it got around to Stein’s funeral we actually started to think that the character’s death was going to stick. Given that this was an epic crossover event in Crisis on Earth-X, it made a little bit of sense that there would be a casualty. We were just hoping that somehow, someway, we were going to see Stein have something resembling a happier ending. This is a show that does often advocate for happy endings for many of the characters and we imagined that we’d see Stein’s chapter end with him getting a chance to be back with his wife and family.

We’ll miss Garber on the show — he’s a living legend, and we know that he’s now heading off to the stage for some performances.

Was Stein’s death spoiled in advance?

Not exactly, but there was a cruel photoshop out there in advance of Martin’s grave, with many thinking that Felicity Smoak had been killed off instead. That turned out to be a terrible PhotoShop job by someone trying to play a cruel joke on some of the show’s fans.

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