This Is Us season 2 episode 10: Randall’s story; is Kevin now at rock bottom?

This Is Us season 2 episode 10This Is Us season 2 episode 10 was a story largely about Randall, but we figure that the closing minutes featuring Kevin are the part of this story that everyone will be talking about.

After all, this episode proved to be one of the most devastating — and predictable — reveals. Kevin took off on another bender from Randall’s house, unaware of the fact that his niece was hiding in the back seat. He found himself arrested for a DUI, which meant that in the process he also opened up a huge rift between him and his brother. While Kevin didn’t know that his niece was in the car it isn’t going to matter to Randall — Kevin’s own fear of coming clean, of showing his true self rather than the person he pretends to be, is what ended up causing this problem for him in the end. He now facing a complete ravaging of his reputation and possibly alienating those he loves.

Is this rock bottom for Kevin? Signs suggest that it very well could be, but things can always go further down the hole. We fear that a DUI is just on his way down and that it may get worse before it gets better.

As for the Randall portion of the episode, we saw some of his story when it came to him choosing where to go to college. Beyond that, we also got another opportunity to learn about his relationship with his father William. The big surprise was probably the fact that William did at one point make small appearances in Randall’s life, but gave up after a certain point when he realizes that there was no real way for him to connect with his biological son.

Meanwhile, Randall also had to say goodbye to his foster daughter Deja. At first, he tried to do everything that he could to keep her after her biological mother re-entered the picture. She was released from prison and as the episode went on, Randall started to realize that there wasn’t going to be any way to keep her. For one, Deja wanted to go home, and to go along with that her mother was trying to get her life back together.

Will Beth and Randall try again to be a foster parent? Their discussion about it was reasonably similar to the one that Kate and Toby had during “Number Two.” Basically, they were going to be willing to go through this process again — maybe not in the near future, but it’s still something that they are going to take on. That’s also a process that we hope This Is Us gets a chance to explore when we get closer to the end of the season.

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