Ink Master: Angels preview: Meet Kat Herrera, Sparks, and John Dame

Kat HerreraInk Master: Angels (on Tuesday night) is set in Austin, and it features Kat Herrera, Sparks, and John Dame trying to compete for the chance to be on Ink Master season 10.

What makes these three so interesting, (at least based on the sneak peek that CarterMatt has for you below) is that none of them are altogether terrible. They each bring something unique to the table and they each show us that they are more than qualified to move on to the next phase of the competition. There’s no dud in the group, and that’s refreshing given that you want to see artists who could all do a reasonably good job if they were on Ink Master season 10.

There also just so happens to be something about each one of them that is interesting beyond just their job as tattoo artists.

Kat Herrera – Kat puts a real emphasis on getting to know the story of some of her clients, and as a result of that views her work as a collaboration more so than some other artists do. She wants them to be happy with what they wear and after getting a tattoo commemorating her late brother, she understands just how important getting the right tattoo really is.

Sparks – He’s a military veteran and father of a blended family with four kids. He’s got a lot riding on this competition, but he thinks that he can handle it. His tattoos are often vibrant, bold, and colorful. He shows some of what he’s capable of with his raven in this first challenge. It may have been a little dark, but the artistry here is fantastic.

John Dame – He’s a cancer survivor and also a guy who is partially colorblind, which is very interesting given that he does execute colorful tattoos. Sometimes when you enter a trade with a disadvantage, what we see is that you find some very interesting ways to circumvent that and turn the negative into a positive. It may be a little early to say that John is the winner of this episode, but he does a nice job with this first challenge — which, by the way, is incredibly tough since it’s a head tattoo.

Who won the first tattoo competition?

As the video reveals … it’s John! We were a little bit surprised by this win just because of the judges’ criticism that it looked somewhat like a part of the female body. In terms of line-work it was as close to flawless as you’re going to get in a two-hour tattoo.

No matter what happens here, the competition that we’re seeing is a pretty clear indication that there are some very good showdowns coming up in this episode.

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