Longmire season 6 episode 9 review: Is Vic leaving?

Longmire season 6 episode 3Longmire season 6 episode 9, posed many questions. Some were left open for the finale, and a few others were at least partially resolved.

For Vic Moretti, the biggest question she had to take on was one related to her future. Did she really want to remain with the Sheriff’s department? Her father came to visit, making it clear that he was worried about her after hearing of her being shot in the showdown with Chance Gilbert. He wanted her to move back to Philadelphia, one where she would have an opportunity to be surrounded more by a supportive family group as opposed to some rogue sheriff who he’s heard tales of in the press.

Walt put Vic through the paces in the episode, including making her think that the Running Eagle Challenge — a triathlon of sorts supported by the tribe — was a way for her to focus on something new and channel her grief. She learned to ride a horse for a part of it, only for Walt’s horse to temporarily leave her in the middle of nowhere. She found her way back, and overtime understood more of what her goal and purpose for the future would be. She did decide to stay in Absaroka, but for the first time since her arrival she asked for a raise.

While we think it’s possible that Walt ends up giving said raise to Vic, he has a number of financial decisions to think about. Cady is pressing him to re-hire Zach, knowing that he’s capable of doing this job and was trying to do it back when he stepped over the line in the first place. Of course, Cady also has a new vested interest in Zach — they’re romantically intertwined, judging from what we saw from the two of them within her now-empty law office. She doesn’t have much at the moment, but she at least has him.

Cady has lost much of her funding thanks to Jacob Nighthorse scaling back — he’s short on money, and that impacted both the Running Eagle Challenge and Cady’s work at the same time. There was also still the specter of Malachi Strand hanging over him — while Walt used the mole Agent Decker to get more information on Strand he’s still waiting to have a confrontation with him. Hopefully, this is something that we’re going to see take shape in the finale — it is the biggest loose end at the moment given that he’s the one who has put so many other characters in danger.

CarterMatt Verdict

Is Longmire set up now to say farewell? We’ve been somewhat critical the past two episodes of the lack of buildup towards the finale and now think that we’re getting there. We do think that there is something still unresolved with Walt and Vic to go along with Malachi, but many of the loose threads are finally getting connected.

Also, we’re rooting for Cady and Zach! Romance is often in short supply on Longmire but these two do have quite a bit going for them.

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