Longmire season 6 episode 7 review: The resurrection of Eddie Harp

Longmire season 6 episode 7Right when you think that a story is over, Longmire season 6 episode 7 comes and brings it back to life.

During this episode, this resuscitation came in the form of one Eddie Harp. The Irish mob gangster was presumed dead for a rather long time only to be uncovered by pure coincidence. Thanks in part to Zachary and a case he was working on as a private eye with Caty — one involving the return of Tate to his parents after his teacher Catori struggled to get him proper medical care — Eddie was found once and for all. He was accused of working alongside Jacob Nighthorse in an elaborate heroin operation, and in this episode, nothing was going to silence him or slow him down.

Hence, the primary reason why we got to another violent confrontation. At the end of the episode it was none other than The Ferg who shot and killed him, right after Harp proclaimed that Ferg didn’t have the guts to pull the trigger. The death of Eddie (for real this time) comes in the midst of a trying time for Walt.While there’s a bad guy who is not going to be out there causing trouble anymore, it’s still the death of a man. That’s never easy for anyone to swallow and it could impact Ferg emotionally for a long time to come. It also means that it’s going to be so much harder for Walt to link Nighthorse to the operation.

Is Jacob really guilty of any of the charges levied against him? It’s a fair question given that Walt has an affinity for bringing him in and putting him in handcuffs. Yet, Jacob could be innocent of this and he has a fair point. After all, why in the world would he want to help Walt in the wrongful death lawsuit knowing that there is a chance he’d be arrested a short time later? Also, isn’t it possible that this is the product of Malachi trying to set him up?

If we were to point the finger at someone specifically as a result of all of this, though, it’d be someone potentially setting them both up. So far this season Malachi has been a ghost. We haven’t seen him and we really wonder what the incentive for him could be in sticking around Wyoming and causing trouble. Walt often jumps to conclusions; in this case, he may have leaped to one.

Did Cady actually help Catori?

Yes and no. While Tate did receive the medical care he needed, she also recognized at the same time that the teacher committed a crime. That’s why she used Zach and also Mathias to ensure that justice was eventually served. Catori knew that this could be the end result of her actions — maybe she was selfish and selfless at the same time. That’s a part of what makes Longmire the show that it is. The drama is very much layered, and it’s different from almost any other show out there for this reason.

CarterMatt Verdict

If there is one major issue that we’ve got with Longmire as a whole right now it’s that there are only three episodes left and we still don’t have any sense of what we’re building towards. It’s just as great as any other season, but is there a definite end in sight? The writers and producers are going to have to get going in that regard.

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