Godless episode 2 review: Bill’s quest for fortune and glory

GodlessNow that we have gotten through the Godless premiere, it’s time to really get this story going. Roy has turned himself in to Bill and Frank is still out there looking for Roy. We suspect it will be a while before Roy and Frank cross paths, but the journey to get to that point is what we are most interested in. Let’s see what episode 2 has in store for us.

Frank’s mission to control “fake news”

We learned more about how La Belle became a town of mostly all women – where are all the men? A freak accident in the mine killed them all leaving the mine useless and the women widows. With Bill bringing Roy into town to lock him up, he’s being careful not to let it get out that this is Roy Goode in fears that Frank will catch wind and come to La Belle. What he doesn’t realize is that as much as Frank wants Roy, he has another priority right now and that’s finding the reporter that keeps writing articles about how Roy is making Frank’s gang look like fools in the paper. The reporter awakes in the middle of the night to find Frank and his entire crew in his living room wanting him to write a story for his paper exactly as Frank wants. The story he wants told is that Roy betrayed him and that anyone caught harboring Roy will be killed. What we further learn is just how betrayed Frank really feels by Roy, that he looked at him as a son he helped to raise within his gang and that this is not just a betrayal from a gang member, but from family in Frank’s eyes.

La Belle’s quartz mines

The ladies of La Belle still have the mine that killed all of their men and it’s still full of quartz. The issue is that they don’t have the man power or the mining know-how to get it out of there and that’s where Mr. Valentine comes in. He is trying to reach a deal with the women, saying that he has the man power to work it. Of course he’s also trying to be a bit shady with them saying that their ore is just “ordinary” so he¬†will take 90% of what’s in the mine and bare 100% of the cost to mine it leaving only 10% for the women. Mary Agnes knows that the ore isn’t ordinary and that unless they are fifty-fifty partners that he can take a walk. He gives them a check for $20,000 to show that he’s serious and gives them less than a minute to make the biggest decision of their lives. Mary Agnes knows this is a mistake with how much the mine is actually worth, but without the man power to get the ore out of the mine or the knowledge of how to work the mine themselves, the other women cave and take the deal.

The story of Alice

We learned a bit more of Alice’s back ground in this episode starting with the fact that she was a window twice over before she turned 21. As we learned in the premiere, her first husband was washed away in a flash flood, then she disappeared and while she was gone some men from La Belle tried to take her land. When she returned to claim her farm these men said they bought if for $200 bucks, but Bill fought for her to get her land back saying that her deed was still good. Once she settled back into her home, her second husband was shot in the back while in town. Shortly after that, all the worst things that could happen to La Belle started happening and the townsfolk believe that she’s a witch that cursed the town.

Bill’s quest for fortune and glory

Bill is still struggling to win the respect of the people in La Belle, but it’s no easy task – especially since his eye sight is going south and he hasn’t revealed it to anyone (Roy noticed though). It certainly doesn’t help that his deputy always shows him up being that he’s one heck of a gunslinger. After feeling embarrassed once again in front of the townsfolk, Bill decides that it’s time to prove himself. He gathers information from Roy on Frank’s whereabouts and decides to join Marshall Cook on his quest to bring in Frank. After Bill says goodbye to Alice, she decides to go to the Sheriff’s office and break Roy out of his cell. At first we were thinking that she was going to go after Bill with Roy’s help, but what she actually wanted Roy for was to help her break her unruly horses since he is a bit of a horse whisperer.

CarterMatt’s overall thoughts

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