MacGyver season 2 episode 9 video: Mac vs. nerve gas

MacGyver new tonightIs MacGyver new tonight? Given that it’s one of the most entertaining shows on the air it’s the perfect escape from Black Friday. After watching people fight over cheap TV’s in the most petty way imaginable, isn’t a great way to get away from all of to see how Mac and Jack manage to escape from near-deadly situations? (Okay, maybe there are some more parallels between this and Black Friday than there really should be.)

Unfortunately there is no new episode tonight, but we are going to see a new episode come December 1 entitled “CD-ROM + Hoagie Foil,” and to look beyond that there’s going to be at least one more story to come before the holiday hiatus. CarterMatt recently spoke with Meredith Eaton (Matty Webber) and she told us that there is a Christmas episode coming up this year. The Phoenix Foundation family is always game to get into some of the holiday spirit and with that, we more than anticipate that they will do the same exact thing here.

For next week’s episode though, there is a specific challenge that Mac and the rest of the team are going to have to take on: Dealing with dangerous nerve gas. The video teaser below is probably the smallest preview humanly possible for the episode, but it does still give a pretty good sense as to what is coming up. Matty starts it off by announcing that there’s a canister of deadly nerve gas that goes missing, and at some point during the story Mac becomes exposed to it. What we’d love to see here is an opportunity to see Mac have to guide some other characters through saving him for a change, whether that be Samantha Cage, Jack Dalton, or even Riley and Bozer — provided that Bozer is out with the team in the field again. Based on some of the early information that is out there about this episode it seems as though he’s still going to be in the midst of some of his spy training, which is fine by us since this has the makings of a pretty entertaining arc.

We’ll be back before this episode airs with more details, and then of course a full review after it wraps!

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