Code Black season 3 premiere date: Could it be on CBS Sunday nights?

Code Black season 3 premiere dateWhen is the Code Black season 3 premiere date going to be revealed … and is it going to be soon?

The first thing worth noting here is that production for the Marcia Gay Harden – Rob Lowe medical drama has been underwary for quite some time and that feasibly, this is a show that could be ready to go on the air at CBS at any point. They just need to find a spot for it, and at the moment that could prove to be a challenge for a few different reasons.

The biggest one is simply a matter of finding the right real estate. In the context of SWAT being handed over a full-season order at CBS, there are very few spaces coming up for the network to launch new programming. Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays now all have shows with full-season orders at the center of them. This only leaves three possibilities open for Code Black moving into the future. CarterMatt is here to review what these possibilities are:

1. Sundays – At the moment, Wisdom of the Crowd is not performing all that well and if we were to guess, we’d say that the show is not getting a back-nine episode order for a wide array of reasons (some of them not related to the actual show itself or its ratings). Moving Code Black to Sundays could be an interesting move given that there are no medical dramas airing that night and you could pair it up with other solid procedural shows like an NCIS: Los Angeles or a Madam Secretary.

2. Saturdays – For the sake of all that is good in the world we hope that this doesn’t happen. Saturdays are a graveyard for most TV shows — while CBS has aired new programming here before in Ransom we don’t exactly think that it benefits this show. After all, Ransom is a Canadian production that doesn’t carry with it anywhere near the same sort of ratings expectations.

3. Summer – This would be depressing just for the sake of us not getting the show back anytime soon. Yet, it could replace The Night Shift as our go-to summer medical show.

We suppose that there is one other possibility that exists here in that the show could air on Wednesdays during the brief Survivor hiatus, but this is complicated somewhat by Celebrity Big Brother. CBS has not announced that schedule yet and it could end up airing in the place of the reality juggernaut.

What do you want the Code Black season 3 date to be? Would you watch it no matter the timeslot? Share now in the comments!

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