Is the Dancing with the Stars 26 athletes twist a bad idea?

Dancing with the Stars 26 athletes twistThe Dancing with the Stars 26 athletes twist was first revealed on Tuesday night, and CarterMatt is still left scratching our heads over this theme.

Why do this? Also, why do this now? We assume that a part of it is an effort to try and infuse a little more viewership and attention to a show that is posting some of its lowest ratings to date and just isn’t perceived to be all that relevant anymore. It had a resurgence around season 20 or so, but at this point the numbers are starting to sag again.

We understand the need for a twist — we also understand the need for a casting twist. It just doesn’t seem like the idea of bringing pro athletes past and present out is going to be the one that makes sense.

For one, this is Dancing with the Stars assuming that the majority of the people who watch the show are sports fans and we don’t think that this is altogether the case. Instead, you often get athletes who come on the show and win over viewers with their charisma or something that is not just their ability. We’re rather hard-pressed to think that someone like an Emmitt Smith or a Rashad Jennings won solely because NFL fans voted for them. Dancing with the Stars isn’t the show that it is because of sports fans. The appeal of watching it comes via watching people from all walks of life come out and prove they are great dancers, including some of the people who you would never expect to see in a million years.

As for another issue with the twist, think in terms of personalities. Occasionally you’re going to be lucky enough to find a diamond-in-the-rough athlete who just so happens to be super-entertaining; often, you end up finding some who are rather soft-spoken and not all that exciting. You’re also somewhat limited in terms of the active players you can seek out. While the NFL season is over, the NBA and NHL seasons will be underway; meanwhile, baseball season will be starting up during the season so there’s no chance to recruit there. Either you are going to have to find a way to secure some retired athletes in some of these sports, or you’ve gotta get enough Olympians, football players, and summer-sport contestants (swimmers, runners, gymnasts) to make up for it.

Dancing with the Stars 26 will premiere in the spring on ABC; with the past casting timelines in mind we’re still a few months away from them being officially revealed.

What do you think about the the Dancing with the Stars 26 athletes twist? Is this something you’re excited for, or is this the second coming of the should-be-forgotten All-Star season? Share below!

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