Bull season 2 episode 9 review: Bull’s crazy Thanksgiving; a Marissa reveal

Bull season 2 episode 9Bull season 2 episode 9 carried with it the title of “Thanksgiving,” and what we liked about the episode more than anything else was that the holiday never felt that separate from the story.

Through most of the episode, the Bull writers did a smart thing in giving you a few assorted updates from most of the main cast. Benny had a bit of a Planes, Trains, and Automobiles sort of adventure on his way back to Dallas — and he didn’t even end up making it there. Meanwhile, Chunk found himself back home with Atlanta, where he did his best in order to get someone very close to him a chance in order to attend school in New York. Does he actually have a kid? This is certainly something that came across as a surprise.

Meanwhile, there was a nice storyline for Cable in which she realized that hanging out with her hipster friends wasn’t anywhere near as great as being near friends and family at home.

The sadder update of the night revolved around learning that Marissa’s new relationship is not exactly as he seems — she found that many of her finances were suddenly stripped from her, and to make matters worse she wasn’t willing to admit to anyone else as to what was going on. She had been grifted and unfortuantely nobody really knew. Heartbreaking.

As for the case…

Bull did take on a murder case involving a boxer who found himself being tried for a murder that he didn’t commit. There was something off about the charges being filed against him from the start. Eventually, that turned out to be true as there was a much larger scheme at the center of the case — one that had some surprising reveals along the way. It also put Bull in a tough spot since he was stripped when it came to his resources and the attorney kept making their own moves rather than listening to him.

Thanks to some ingenuity Bull was able to win this case, but let’s hope that he doesn’t find himself in this position where he has to work on his own again.

CarterMatt Verdict

Bull season 2 episode 9 was an episode that contained quite a few interesting personal revelations, so much so that it overshadowed the case and we really found ourselves focusing more on what happened with the sideplots. As a whole, though, we were fine with it on this given week — especially since Bull season 1 was lacking at times in this department.

Waht did you think about Bull season 2 episode 9? What did you enjoy about the Thanksgiving episode the most? Share in the comments!

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