Chicago Med season 3 premiere review: Are Will and Natalie together?

Chicago Med season 3 premiereThe Chicago Med season 3 premiere on Tuesday night addressed a wide array of different problems — and, in the process, did deliver some good news.

From the standpoint of romance, doesn’t it feel like there is more love in the air here than with any other show in the One Chicago universe. Take, for example, Will and Natalie kissing at the end of the episode. She went on sabbatical for a few months, and upon returning she was able to finally identify some of the feelings that she has — it is looking a little bit more like the relationship between these two is a go, but it’s still extremely early and there is no evidence that it, for sure, is going to last when they have so many different things that they are going to have to work through. For one, being with someone romantically who you also work with can be difficult, especially when you’re both strong-willed doctors.

As complicated as this relationship could be, though, it’s probably still easier than what Ethan and April have going on. Dr. Choi wants to be more public with the fact that the two are dating, but the problem there is that April feels already like she is being punished for having a perceived relationship with the character. She doesn’t want to be in that position where all of the nurses feel like she’s getting unfair treatment and there are warning signs already.

Is there another relationship at the hospital? It seems that way with Noah and Sarah Reese, though Sarah tonight was rather busy dealing with the aftermath of Jack Kellogg shooting her mentor Dr. Charles at the end of last season. While Dr. Charles survived, there was a surprising move on his part in court with him trying to ensure that Jack was institutionalized rather than being sent off to prison for his crimes. Dr. Charles felt like he missed something in his treatment of Jack and didn’t want to hold the patient as responsible as Sarah did, and in the end Dr. Reese won out. Jack is heading to prison, and Dr. Charles is none too happy about her testifying with a very different objective than what he had going into court.

These stories were all fantastic, but one of the biggest conflicts of the hour has to be between Dr. Rhodes and Dr. Bekker, the relative newcomer who first joined the show at the end of season 2. While he had trouble getting Robyn accustomed to regular life again, she took advantage and snatched away one of his surgeries. They’re both smart, accomplished, and very good at what they do. Given that we don’t foresee Mekia Cox being on Chicago Med for that long as Robyn (she is on Once Upon a Time now), we wouldn’t be shocked if something happens with Rhodes and Dr. Bekker in the future.

CarterMatt Verdict

Chicago Med season 3 feels like an evolved version of season 2, with more complicated relationships and doctors speaking up more for themselves. Overall, though, it is very much the same show and we don’t foresee there being any intention for anyone to want to shake things up all that much behind the scenes. The medical cases and the personal stories are very great as they are.

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