Supergirl season 3 episode 7 review: Who is Imra? Is Samantha Reign?

Supergirl season 3 episode 4At the start of Supergirl season 3 episode 7 we revisited the alien ship that we saw earlier this season, and while there we witnessed one of the biggest reveals of the entire season: Mon-El was back.

Yet, this was also not the same Mon-El that she remembered. He was reclusive, combative, and disconnected from the rest of his former friends. As it turned out there were a few good reasons for that. After leaving Earth in his pod at the end of season 2 he went into a wormhole, one that sent him several decades into the future. While there, Mon-El lived for several years. Time played differently for him and he now had different responsibilities, including the inhabitants of this ship.

One of these inhabitants just so happened to be Imra. After Mon-El and Supergirl rescued her, her condition started to improve. Then, we learned once and for all who she was: Mon-El’s wife from the future.

Well, this is going to be awkward for everyone, isn’t it?

The Reign story is even more tragic

In the wake of some many strange occurrences in her past, Samantha visited her adoptive mother and learned in the process that she came to Earth as a baby via a pod. She was, in fact, an alien! However, because Samantha is by and large a good person she didn’t take this as a bad thing at all. Instead, she thought that this revelation was something that she could use in order to discover more about herself. That’s why she went out to the desert with her mystical glowing artifact in hopes of it pointing her to some answers.

What she eventually found was absolutely epic in its own way. It was a fortress rising out of the ground adorned with all sorts of spikes — certainly not the sort of place you’d tend to see for a hero. While inside Samantha ran into the project of the woman from her dreams. This is where things got heartbreaking again — Samantha went into this lair strutting around, thinking that she was going to be able to help people. Then, the shoe dropped that she was a Worldkiller destined to hurt people. Apparently, her offspring was an “unfortunate error” and apparently, she is going to forget all about who she was.

In the closing seconds tonight we started to get a sense of what that transformation looks like — and it looks painful, to say the least. How much of Samantha is still in there? That’s something we’re going to have to figure out over time, but the closing seconds of “Samantha” with red eyes speaking another language was indeed chilling.

J’onn finds his father a home

Clearly after living on Earth alone for 300 years J’onn isn’t used to having companionship. That’s why he isolated himself and didn’t make any friends … and also why he didn’t have time for his father.

Eventually what J’onn realized was that the way he was living wasn’t the way to make things work anymore. He eventually found himself a place for his father outside of the DEO, and the two now have an actual future!

CarterMatt Verdict

The cliffhanger with Reign was pretty terrifying, and the Mon-El twist is probably blowing up the ‘shipper community into pieces. No matter where she turns, apparently Kara Danvers just can’t catch a break!

Next time on Supergirl…

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