Chrissy Metz teases Kate’s emotional This Is Us season 2 episode 9 story

Chrissy MetzThis Is Us season 2 episode 9 is coming on NBC on Tuesday night and the expectations are understandably high. This is what happens when you are following up an episode like “Number One,” which may very well be one of the greatest installments of the entire series produced to date. It was exciting, dramatic, heartfelt in the right moments, and also heartbreaking in others. It ended in a way where Kevin was close to rock bottom, but it’s probably going to get worse from here judging from the end of the episode. This is where the character learned from Randall that Kate and Toby suffered a miscarriage.

We imagine that Kevin’s downward spiral will continue down the road, but the Kate revelation sets up exactly what “Number Two” will be about. This will explore the aftermath of this devastating life event, especially with characters like Kate and Toby who were so excited about the opportunity to be parents. This is something that Chrissy Metz describes in more detail to Entertainment Weekly as she sets up what the story for this upcoming episode is going to be:

“It tests their relationship … What’s so great about [the writers] bringing it to light in our show is that nobody knows how to address the situation, nobody knows how to talk about it, no one knows when to talk about it, where to talk about it. There’s just a lot of shame surrounding it. [She’s] feeling that she’s the only one going through it but your other half actually goes through it too even though it might not be a physical change. He’s definitely feeling the pain and the grief as well.”

As you can see in the promos for this episode, some of the organic conflict that comes in this story will come via these difficulties in communication. Of course, Toby wants to be supportive of her, but the two are in such grief and pain that we don’t quite think that either one of them is altogether equipped to know precisely what is happening. They’re in a shell-shocked state of going from being happy to having the rug pulled out from under them with this big part of their lives.

This Is Us season 2 episode 9 airs in full on Tuesday; do not be surprised if it ends up bleeding directly over into the third part centered around Randall, given that this is what we would expect given the way that “Number One” came to a close.

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