Is Simon dead on How to Get Away with Murder season 4?

Is Simon deadIs Simon dead on How to Get Away with Murder season 4? This is one of many questions raised following what we ended up seeing over the midseason finale.

CarterMatt will be the first to admit that at first glance when we saw it, it appeared like a sure thing that the character was dead and gone. Yet, he was in the hospital at the end of the episode and despite the severity of the shooting, he may still find a way to emerge in one piece. Consider this another reminder that in this show, anything is possible — also, Simon may secretly be invisible.

Of course, show creator Pete Nowalk is not going to reveal one way or another what’s happening with Simon, including if he lives or he dies. However, he did still set up some of the story that is coming up for the character in a new interview with Variety:

“The question for them is [that] they did not want him to die — they didn’t want any of this to happen — but do they want him to die now? What’s better now: for him to live or for him to die? That’s the moral quandary that lies ahead.”

Do the Keating Four really even have a choice in the matter? While it may be more convenient for the four of them if Simon was to die given the shooting, but he may be revived and sent on his way. That puts some of these characters in an interesting position. When he was shot the first time it wasn’t planned. Yet, they could in a position now where they have to act out against him forcefully. What happened with him is not the sort of thing that someone just forgets and moves on from all that easy. It’s a struggle, and it’s going to be for them especially given that Simon is a pretty smart cookie. He knows that he has the leverage now and in exchange for his silence, he may ask a lot of anyone who comes to him.

Provided that Simon lives on How to Get Away with Murder, what do you think that means in terms of the future? Be sure to share in the comments!

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