Outlander season 3 episode 10 review: The rising tide

Outlander season 3 episode 10 reviewWhat Outlander season 3 episode 10 proved more so than anything else on Sunday night was quite simple: For Jamie and Claire Fraser, nothing is ever going to be an easy for them.

Were they separated entering “Heaven & Earth”? Absolutely, but we’ve also seen them in situations so much worse. The presumption was that Claire, (inoculated from typhoid) would be able to help everyone aboard Captain Leonard’s ship and be able to make it back to Jamie in Jamaica. However, that didn’t quite happen. Instead, what Claire found was that there were plenty of other ways that she could die on the ship, plus also a plot that could lead to Jamie being back in jail. While Jamie may be a free man now, the same cannot be said for one Alexander Malcolm. One of the men who was aboard the Porpoise (a.k.a. Leonard’s ship) was Tompkins, a customs agent very familiar with some of Malcolm’s ways back in Edinburgh. He accused him of murder, and tried to establish the political food-chain with Leonard in a way that the moment the ship arrived in Jamaica, Jamie would face prosecution for his supposed crimes.

Basically, Claire was captured by a rival ship, used to heal their remaining people, and they wanted to repay her by arresting her husband. Awesome. (Yes, that was sarcasm.)

While Claire was healing and helping the same people who eventually wanted to take her husband away, Jamie was finding himself in a precarious position aboard the Artemis. Captain Raines locked him up for trying to incite chaos on his ship once he learned about his arrangement with Leonard. As a result of that, he did his part to try and convince Fergus to help him escape — in turn, he would offer up his blessing for him to marry Marsali. Maybe he expected Fergus and Marsali to do something big in order to get him free, but what they actually did was more subtle and political. They were able to eventually convince Raines to allow Jamie to go free, saying that he would not cause any harm. As a result of that, Jamie gave the two his blessing. Cheers all around! Well, maybe not yet since they still have to get to Jamaica.

Claire’s escape plan

Thanks in part to Annekje, a plan was hatched for her to be able to take off from the Porpoise at Grand Turk. Unfortunately, Leonard made it very clear that she could not escape. After all, she would inform “Alexander Malcolm” of the not-so-nice plan to bring him in on some of these charges.

With this plan foiled “Heaven & Earth” ended in a different dramatic way: With Claire opting to jump overboard at night in hopes of swimming over to Jamie and Captain Raines’ ship — she could see it, but that will not be an easy journey.

CarterMatt Verdict

We stated going into “Heaven & Earth” that we wanted to see a reunion for Jamie and Claire — we’re somewhat sad since we already had roughly five episodes without Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan together before this. Yet, the story was framed in such a way that we’re left with hope for a reunion… provided that there’s not some crazy shark attack in the middle of the ocean, Captain Leonard develops night vision, or Claire simply not making it to the ship and washing up somewhere else. Yes, we have seen the promo for next week and are aware that some of those hopes are dashed a little bit, but if the story remains this good we can learn to deal with a little more time apart for these two characters. At least they’re both still alive, right?

Now, we have to face the terrible reality of only three more episodes left this season.

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