Good Behavior season 2 episode 6 review: The big trade-off

Good Behavior season 2 episode 6For most of Good Behavior season 2 Letty has found herself with this sense of blissful illusion that she could have everything in her life — the man she loves (Javier) and her son (Jacob) at her side. She has projected her future time and time again believing that there was a way to make this happen.

Unfortunately, the closing minutes of Sunday’s new episode were yet another sad reminder to Michelle Dockery’s character that there are punishments for what she and Javier do beyond just jail time. They make enemies, and as a hitman Javier’s made some of the biggest ones. The attack on Javier, (which included a traumatic moment for Jacob where a gun was pointed at his face) was perfectly emblematic of the problem in which she has. Letty may want to feel like they can go off and be a family but they can’t; someone is always going to have it out for one of them and that’s no environment to raise a child.

This is all why Letty made one of the most heartbreaking decisions of her entire life: Bringing Jacob back to a home that was not her own. She’s allowing Estelle to look after him presumably, a moment further informed by some advice given to her by Alice (Holland Taylor), Letty’s grandmother who had been neither seen nor heard of before this week. (We love the show’s meta-comedy about how she had never been mentioned before this week.) The Alice character was great fun and someone who brought a lot to the story — she is more Letty’s mirror, which is why she was a perfect person to deliver some hard-earned lessons to the character: Estelle was more than capable of being a parent, and not to the sort of parent Letty is. She was better suited for a more normal child. Letty looked more towards her grandmother, which was a terrible decision on the basis of establishing normalcy. Alice is the sort of woman who tried to hire Letty for $50,000 in order to seduce her husband, hoping that she could use this for a divorce and to take much of his cash.

Beyond deciding to drop Jacob off in a safer space, one of the other heartbreaking reveals tonight was learning that Alice’s husband loved her because of who she was, even knowing what she was trying to get away. He knew he could have almost anyone with his wealth but wanted someone who could challenge him. Alice certainly is someone who likes creating challenges for herself, whether it be trying to make financial negotiations with her granddaughter or bringing Jacob around to her “friends” while claiming that he was adopted from Africa.

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Good Behavior season 2 episode 6 was an hour of TV a little more heartbreaking than most. We’ve enjoyed watching this illusion play out of how Letty could have everything that she wanted, but this episode brought her back to earth. She may have gotten the money necessary to restart her life free from Rhonda Lashever (for now), but that doesn’t mean that she has happiness to go along with it.

Last week’s “You Could” Discover Me” was probably the best episode of the season in terms of fun. This episode, entitled “It’s No Fun If It’s Easy,” is the best in terms of emotion.

What did you think about this episode? Do you foresee a way Letty and Javier can get Jacob back in their lives full-time? Share in the comments!

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