Shameless season 8 episode 3 video: More meth problems

Shameless season 8 episode 3Shameless season 8 episode 3 is airing on Showtime Sunday night, and judging from what we’re seeing, don’t you think that some of the Gallaghers are regretting their decisions with the meth?

There is a part of this show that feels almost like an elaborate anti-drug PSA, showing everyone how badly things can go when you get mixed up with this drug. For example, don’t go on benders like Frank, or don’t find yourself in a position where dealers are coming at you because you got yourself mixed up in some business that you had no business getting involved in. Or, don’t put yourself in a position where you’re trying to keep things from Fiona to not get yourself in an “I told you so” sort of situation. This is where some of the Gallaghers currently find themselves in.

For those of you who thought that Frank was going to be able to completely revamp his life without any setbacks — well, this preview should remind you that this isn’t happening. Instead, we are now seeing him in yet another position where he is in limbo. He can go in one direction and let his life get better, or end up back into business that he’s much more familiar with. For Frank, slacking and being a burden to society is easy. Anything else is a challenge.

As for Fiona…

This preview only gives you a small sense of it, but she is going to do her best to figure out a way to properly ensure that she is able to take on a vindictive tenant. In theory, yes — she should just be able to evict them. Yet, consider for a moment the sort of person Fiona is and the sort tenants that she has living under her roof. These are not the sort of people who are going to leave without much fuss.

Still, Fiona’s story represents something big — she is the only true hope for this family. If she is able to break the cycle and get out, all of a sudden it offers up some hope for everyone else.

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