What will Matthew Morrison’s return mean on Grey’s Anatomy season 14?

Matthew Morrison's returnMatthew Morrison’s return at the end of the Grey’s Anatomy season 14 winter finale was a rather big deal. If Shonda Rhimes, Krista Vernoff, and the rest of the team were trying to come up with an ending that made everyone anxiety-ridden until the new year, they’ve got it here. Bringing back Dr. Paul Stadler (especially at the hospital) is an enormous shock to the system. This is a man known for being horrible, abusive, and vile. It also doesn’t help that so many people were not aware that they should be keeping their eyes peeled for him.

The unfortunate thing for Jo when Paul shows up is that Alex doesn’t seem to be around. He is the one person who could’ve identified him and taken action, and that would’ve been interesting just in terms of whether or not Paul even remembered him. The two had a brief encounter — plus many fantasy encounters in which Alex mapped out the scenarios that could come out of spending time around him — at the end of this past season.

For the time being, Jo is in peril. There is no other way around that, and how this story is going to be compelling stems from a few short words: What does Jo do? This is not a situation where there really could be a lot of choices. She could try her best to flee from him and get others in the hospital to help her, but this is dangerous. There’s also a scenario in which she tries to handle the situation externally. What we’ve learned about Morrison’s character is that he does value his image to a certain degree — if you can play into that and then disarm him, that could be the least-risky way to try to take him down.

The unfortunate thing for Jo is mostly that there may not be a whole lot of anything that she can do to get out of this situation without a few more scars. She may be shell-shocked by the simple fact that he is there. She knew that this was possible from the moment that she first decided to make some forward movement with a divorce, but there was probably a part of her brain that hoped he would just stay away.

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You can see Camilla Luddington speaking out more on this storyline below (via E!), including how she has heard from many real-life victims since first starting to play the character.

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