Where is Danny on Hawaii Five-0? Why is he missing?

Where is DannyWhere is Danny on Hawaii Five-0? We understand that you may have had that question after watching Friday night’s new episode.

As a matter of fact, this is a question that we imagine that you have every now and then, given that there are a few episodes where Scott Caan isn’t a part of the show.

Now, take a deep breath. Rest assured that this is no sign that Caan is leaving the show — it’s just a part of the way Hawaii Five-0 is doing things and it has been for a little while.

This is a subject that we reported on a little bit earlier this year as a response to a long-burning question: Caan has it worked out as a part of being on the show that he frequently travels back and forth from Hawaii to Los Angeles to be close to his family. Given that being apart from them for a long period of time is not easy, it makes sense that every now and then he takes some time off. For every cast member things are different, and this just so happens to be the arrangement that he has. We’re glad to see him whenever he is around — which is the vast majority of the time, luckily. Danny will be back soon, and you’ll get a chance for some more fun stories with him.

One of the things that this show does benefit from is having a great, robust supporting cast — even with so much turnaround over the past years coupled with the new additions. They help to make up for the absence of someone like Danny, and tonight we saw some examples of that via Junior Reigns showing us more of his past. The same goes for Tani trying to figure out how to handle what is going on with her brother — something that definitely looks like it won’t be an easy task.

Also, it certainly helps that Hawaii Five-0 in general does have so many episodes a season. If the series only aired 13-15 episodes a season, missing Caan for a couple of them would be a huge deal. With 22-25, you’re able to make up for the absence a little bit easier.

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