Blindspot season 3: About the new Jane shocker

Jane Doe's daughterBlindspot season 3 chose to deliver yet another big surprise on Friday night’s new episode, and this is one that is a big part of Jane Doe’s past.

Want to know more? Just be warned that there are spoilers ahead…

At the end of this installment, Jaimie Alexander’s character did learn about a big part of her past that she didn’t previously know: She has a daughter! This was a big hole in her history and it could significantly inform everything that is coming up.

The first thing that you should know here is rather simple: You are going to see this story stick. This isn’t one of those twists that is designed specifically for the purpose of freaking you out. Show creator Martin Gero confirms that this story is staying put to TVLine:

“This is a daughter she had that she gave up for adoption. It’s absolutely a huge part of the season.”

So why introduce this story at this point, especially with so much going on in the FBI? Part of the reason for that seems to be allowing Jane to have something person that’s a little separate from everything else going on:

“It was important to us that Jane have some family out there that isn’t a sociopath or in a CIA black site. It’s a great thing for Jane to be dealing with this year. This memory loss is really causing emotional havoc on her life. She starts to question, ‘Wow, I didn’t even remember having a daughter. Am I a bad person?’ It’s a really emotional, personal and beautiful story for Jane this season.”

If you are a Jaimie Alexander fan, it’s probably pretty darn easy to understand why you’re going to like this episode — it’s a chance to tell a strong, powerful story featuring this character that isn’t just about solving the case of the week. We hope that she can emerge from the other side of this reveal okay, but we’d by lying if we were to say that she’s numb to it. As tough as Jane is, she’s only human.

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